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Oh yeah, I don’t do projects. Not a series pick up. Just a teaser. Too busy with my own reading and gaming.


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Great Nation Chapter 4

Novel Updates table of context/ release page

This series is known as

The Great Nation Remodeling of Reincarnated Princess ~Let’s Build an Unrivaled Country~

I prefer to read most things in Romanji. The romanji title is

Tensei Oujo no Kokka Dai Kaizou ~ Muteki na Kuni wo Tsukurimashou

This is a teaser chapter. I will state this again, I am not picking this series up as a project. I am not really going to be picking up any novel projects right now. Everything I do will be a teaser. This is also a final first draft. I did it on a whim. Not going to edit it, and you may rehost this and every thing else on your own site if you wish. You can even edit it yourself.

About the RPGmaker Projects. Those take a lot of time to do and make sure all the stuff fits in each little box. I work really slow, and it is very tedious work.

I generally use this program to edit, which is easier than using the actual RPGmaker programs to directly edit it. Although, the context of what is happening is easier to understand if I went in directly. These things take a long time, that is why you don’t see as many translated RPGmaker games as you would like. All Future RPGmaker translations will only be the systems and items and stuff. Only the necessary stuff to make it playable.

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Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho chapter 6

Got an issue with the chapter? Feel free to take it and publish it yourself after fixing it yourself. I am in no way taking this up as a project. This chapter from this series is merely a one time thing that was done on a whim. Only a promotion to bring new people to pick this up. Reopened commenting.

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Himekishi ch4 NSFW

A lot of multitasking. Some test runs of the games. Catching up on my reading of the many other novel series out there. Gotta travel for a bit to take care of some RL stuff. It is too bad I don’t have a laptop. Can’t really drag my Desktop with me.

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elf tensei vol 1 ch 11

Well here you go. Time to work on Himekishi now. Burns are manageable now. I don’t really type with my right hand anyways.

I will also be working on one of the RPGmaker games. Seriously that program works wonders. If you have ever tried to translate a game manually through the actual RPGmaker program the game was made with and then used this, you will wonder why you ever tried doing it the previous way.

You may have questions about what RPGmaker programs I have, or which game I am translating right now as of the moment. The answer is XP, VX, and VX Ace. I am translating Bitch JK in RPG, after about 3 maps completed I will go to the one with the nun. Switching off every once in a while until both are done then I will start another on my list. 

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Himekishi ga Classmate vol 1 ch 3

I left a lot of (iya, yada, kirai, etc.) type words because it turns me on more if I left it as romanji and it basically sounds better. I will mix it up sometimes so it doesn’t get stale. I will also start changing up Juutsu Shiki every once in a while with Magic Spell instead of the usual Spell Formula since it gets boring using the same thing. This is why we have a thesaurus. They both mean the same thing.

I will head to sleep now and the next chapter I will start doing and release will be Elf Tensei. My Goal is Volume 1 completion within one month of the Light Novel Volume 2.

For Himekishi, I have set my goal to try and surpass the plot in the manga. It is a good thing for me it is a bimonthly. My Goal for everything is to be ahead of or with the manga plot. I can feel that Elf Tensei will get a manga one day, it is only a matter of time. Hopefully I will be complete by then.

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Himekishi ga Classmate vol 1 ch 2

More experiments. Well in this chapter I decided to add a few things to improve how it is read to better give the feeling if you were actually reading the original and intuitively knew the language and all of the other meanings and ways to read the same thing. For example: Some words for sometimes I want to read to hear its original Japanese sounding as if there were ever an anime I left the as  its romanji in Red and the translation in blue and in parenthesis like this: Romanji(Translation) Although if it is on a name, I might just leave it in romanji. But since it is actually just a title added to their name, I haven’t really decided to standardize it yet. For techniques uses in the dialogue in this chapter I used Kanji romanji (Katakana romanji) TL: Literal translation of Kanji Katakana was originally in some type of overword directly on top of the Kanji and is usually the English word in Katakana, so conversion of that romanji engrish to English. I wont do this to all words that had overwords for terms since it sounds like crap if you read aloud the kanji. Only for the ones that sound super awesome reading the kanji aloud. The Katakana is how it is probably supposed to sound if there were an anime. If wordpress had better options, I would have the over words which look better. In the mean time, for this chapter on I will have my files saved on a word document that I may eventually compile into a pdf which may have a certain surprise once I buy the novel. I wont share that unless each person proves to me that they actually bought it. To protect myself, I do not advocate piracy and would suggest that you be legit and buy the actual novels. It is on pdf, so you dont have to worry about shipping, you can purchase and download it from DLsite an official vendor. if the translated pdf shows up on some other downloading sites, well nothing I can do about that and it wasn’t my fault *wink. Well enjoy. Continue reading

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My Classmate is a Princess Knight Volume 1 Chapter 1


So I just learned that the VN of Kuroinu is going to be released by MangaGamer.

I would have had this sooner, but WordPress is weird and I spent several hours trying to add these over words on top of the regular words. Like the Literal Translation/meaning ie the kanji on top, but translated. Then the katakana in its translated form, but would be as romanji. This author uses a lot of katakana to have the words in engrish so that would be what they actually say. The original text the kanji was on bottom and katakana on top. so the Job literally is Slavemancer and that is how it is pronounced too. A lot of words are like that by the author, and I was also going to do that for myself. For example, I was going to have master as Goshujinsama because it sounds a lot better to me and creates a better mood. Maybe I should put the literal translation in parenthesis and in another color like Blue. And the Word as Red or something like that. Certain words I would just leave alone or get rid of that like for names. This would actually be easier if I actually used baka-tsuki and did it that way because it is an actual option there unlike on wordpress, where it may actually not exist or is a some type of premium function I don’t know of. Making a word doc or PDF would be nice, but that is later down the road. I guess after this chapter I will change the color of the words.

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Episode 10 :Kuīro ●

I was playing the Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG trial. Good stuff. Like I said before, I will resume RPG maker projects after volume 1 of Elf Tensei is translated by me. But I might get some time in on those during X-mas time and get a few maps translated. Himekishi ga Classmate can be bought online and downloaded as a pdf from the many official sites the benefit of it being an 18+ novel and available on dlsite. If someone would help rip the text out for me in later volumes 2+ in the far future when I need them once I get the translations to that point, it would be great That would probably be something I will need in 2 years. You can forget this for now, you can help with this when the time comes raw providing and all. It seems that Elf Tensei main story will probably conclude after 6 volumes and a new series that will act as the sequel set 30 years later with the child of Syril as the protagonist. I will be translating that too, don’t worry. I probably wont release them until I finish Volume 6. Chronology and all. I will try to update the faqs and terminology page for elf tensei. I will mostly fill it with the magic spells he uses. After adding a note for its usage in the beginning in the chapter, you may look at it if you see a spell that is used and I had not added a note to what the actual meaning is and not the Romanji. I leave spells in their pronunciations because it looks better, and the spells are self explanatory when they are used since this author is awesome. Anyways, enjoy.

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Metal Hagure chapter 10

Series has essentially ended as far as I know.

Metal Hagure Saikyou Densetsu ~Status bug Shoutai de Isekai trip shitara Musou datta ken~

HP1 kara hajimeru isekai musou

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