About Me

I am mostly concentrated on RPGmaker games. Playing them, translating them partially. I have 3 ongoing RPGmaker Translation Projects. There is a lot of work sifting through them. Be patient.

Web novels come second and I don’t do full projects. I may help translate single chapters of different series if they have not been updated in a while. Just to make sure people remember those series exist.

I can be found on Novel Updates under lygarx


5 Responses to About Me

  1. are you still doing elf tensei


  2. need help translating novel
    remonster will pay contact me


  3. lygarx says:

    I will think about it since my main project is Elf Tensei. Right now, Mushoku Tensei along with Metal Hagure are little teasers that I am doing. I also have a secret teaser chapter for a different series as well.


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