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Oh yeah, I don’t do projects. Not a series pick up. Just a teaser. Too busy with my own reading and gaming.


Seat Changing

(Whoa、the seat rotations has placed the school’s number one most beautiful girl, the famous Asakura-san, into the neighboring seat……how troublesome。Whatever, it seems like an irrelevant matter for the loner me)

(Uh……With this seating rotation、I was seated next to Andou-kun who frequently read Light Novels during the break times ……for the closet Light Novel geek, I want to get closer……)

During the One hour break time

(Fufun! How about it Andou-kun? Am I reading this popular work「Let’s become a LN writer」on a smartphone during break time? Tilting the screen towards him for it to be easier to see……Here we go、Come now talk to me please!!)

(Eh!! Asakura-san, is that「Hachinan Tensei」{TLN: wtf} that you are reading!? N, No way………Could it be、does Asakura-san also like Light Novels? If that is the case I wont try to start a conversation and expose your hobby、it is a pity but I will pretend to have not seen anything)



    +++Author Afterword+++

Thank you for reading so far。

I tried writing because I wanted to read something about love comedies。

Since Updates are irregular I would be pleased if you don’t waste your time。

In addition to「Adventurer? Magician? No just an 『Ordinary』Mahoushoujo。」because I am also writing other things such as Magical Girl of Otherworld Reincarnation stuff、how about when I am taking breather to avoid working on it {tln:ie when author is procrastinating}

Well then, I look forward to the continued enjoyment of your favor。


TLN: The TITLE in the original text if interested「冒険者? 魔法使い? いいえ『ふつう』の魔法少女です。」

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