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Himekishi ga Classmate vol 1 ch 2

More experiments. Well in this chapter I decided to add a few things to improve how it is read to better give the feeling if you were actually reading the original and intuitively knew the language and all of the other … Continue reading

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My Classmate is a Princess Knight Volume 1 Chapter 1

  So I just learned that the VN of Kuroinu is going to be released by MangaGamer. I would have had this sooner, but WordPress is weird and I spent several hours trying to add these over words on top … Continue reading

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Episode 10 :Kuīro ●

I was playing the Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG trial. Good stuff. Like I said before, I will resume RPG maker projects after volume 1 of Elf Tensei is translated by me. But I might get some time in on those … Continue reading

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