Himekishi ga Classmate vol 1 ch 3

I left a lot of (iya, yada, kirai, etc.) type words because it turns me on more if I left it as romanji and it basically sounds better. I will mix it up sometimes so it doesn’t get stale. I will also start changing up Juutsu Shiki every once in a while with Magic Spell instead of the usual Spell Formula since it gets boring using the same thing. This is why we have a thesaurus. They both mean the same thing.

I will head to sleep now and the next chapter I will start doing and release will be Elf Tensei. My Goal is Volume 1 completion within one month of the Light Novel Volume 2.

For Himekishi, I have set my goal to try and surpass the plot in the manga. It is a good thing for me it is a bimonthly. My Goal for everything is to be ahead of or with the manga plot. I can feel that Elf Tensei will get a manga one day, it is only a matter of time. Hopefully I will be complete by then.

03 Story:Enslavement and The Stealing of Virginity 

「This is inconceivable。Impossible, even while enslaved the consciousness still remains。
……I wonder if it is more than just a standard trait of magic resistance?」

Within the depths of the Cavern, my private room。
Sitting on the bed, I am in front of a kneeling Princess Knight Kirika who is staring with great interest。

She had fallen under my slavery magic。That is without a doubt true。
Coming here without resistance, because it is all in accordance to the orders。
But, until now this applied to everyone, in contrast to turning into an existence with only a doll like response, only she had both the character and consciousness stay the same。


Sight casted down with long eyelashes, Kirika remains silent and motionless 。
The humiliation of the body not moving as one wished, the nervous shaking what one might have right now。

「Well, well。What will happen next can easily be imagined by anyone, even the earnest Himeno-san」
「Odamori-kun, you are……Kya~!?」

*Boron(whipping out sound), and then a big meaty cock was taken out and thrust before one’s eyes, Kirika averted her eyes in surprise。

That fresh reaction is irresistible。Rising up and fully erect。
Anyhow, the villager girls and female adventurers so far have all been violated, but since they were so entirely obedient it was like a dutch wife。

「St, Stop it! Don’t put that strange thing any where near me!」
「It is rude calling it strange。Hora, try to look at it properly, Himeno-san」

In response to the words with the nuances of an “order”, her face changes direction。
The lovely blushing face, with an expression that seemed to be of hate, intensely stared at my penis。

「Himeno-san, that reminds me have you not kissed before?」
「uh, I uh……ha, have never done it before, desu」

To my question, she can do nothing but answer honestly now that she has become a magic slave。

「Is that so, in that case Himeno-san’s first kiss……shall I have you give it to my cock」
「Eh, so~ sonna(n~ no way)!? ya~、ah~ iya~……nm nm uh~(tln:muffling sounds, should be obvious)!?」

Against her will, the head of the penis ecstatically approached the cute peach colored lips, and touched them。
Soft, and it feels a little moist。
That Himeno Kirika, the top bishoujo of our grade, in a Princess Knight outfit is giving her first kiss to my dick!
That sense of accomplishment alone is enough to bring me to close to ejaculation。

「uh, uhh~……eh, weird taste~……! The odor also smells……!」
「Congratulations on your first kiss Himeno-san。Well then, perform fellatio on my cock(tln: you ain’t slick, you gonna suck this dick)。Do you understand what a blowjob is?」

If the Magic Slave personally does not understand the concept of the order, it would not be possible to accurately perform。
Princess Knight Kirika with teary eyes, fearfully stuck out her pink tongue, began liking and tasting the swollen gland of my ‘head’。

「haha~, so even the innocent Himeno-san knew something about blowing。But, this is the first time for this kind of thing isn’t it? You have never gone out with a man right?」
「It is, the first time, desu……hai, I haven’t even held hands before……」
「I thought so but, I am also relieved。Well, I mean I will be the first man」
「~……! You, You are the worst type of man……!」
「That’s right。Excellent, that scowling glare while being sucked makes me all the more fired up」

Despite surely being scowled at, my tip is licked in a clumsy repetitive motion and continue to be fellatiated。
Oh well, that is the limit of an naive maiden’s knowledge。
Of our former classmates, only the sense of accomplishment of having the class idol is extraordinary however, it won’t be interesting like this forever。

「Hey, Nina。Come here for a moment」
「Yes, goshujinsama」

The robe wearing Sorceress enters the room, and then comes closer to me。
Then getting down on her knees and sucking the cock, despite being seen by another person it was still a magic slave, Kirika then in response winced in disgust。

「Himekishi-sama can nothing but only give a shitty blowjob, I will have you acquire the sex technique by proper instruction in the sex technique。Making use of this person right here demonstrate」
「I understand」

Beside the bed was a dildo, it was passed to her whom was kneeling next to Kirika。
Nina took off the hood of her robe, medium length golden hair, although a little plain it was still a pretty face。
Not that unusual for someone of a similar age to us。
Then she, held the dildo with both hands and began to viciously entwine her tongue around it。

「wow……am, amazing……!」

[*Niyu cha pe chato] the sound of splashing water, the beginning of the scene of the obscene motions of the lips and tongue sucking the fake penis, Kirika lets out a surprised feeble voice。
After making her a magic slave, spending time little by little to train her oral skills。

「Well, be sure to try to mimic it closely I hope。As diligently you can, ok」
「Eh!? Ah~, no way Iya~……nchuu~, nbu bu uh~!?」

In order to follow the command Kirika, began the same motion while watching Nina beside her。
No matter how ashamed, it is not possible to defy the command that insists diligent mimicry。
Then the tongue was vulgarly stretched out, lips moved back and forth, while drooling the former class rep is sucking on my dick(tln:deez nuts)。

「Ugh, oh……! It is amazing Himeno-san, very quick to learn as expected……ku~!」
「ya~, I, doing such a thing……npuu!!?」

Nina up to the deep parts of her throat, began to swallow the dildo completely and without shame。
At the same time Kirika’s soft tissue, deeply engulfed my cock。

「Kuu uh~! Attagirl, keep sucking it with big back and forth motions, Himeno-san!」
「nbuu, njubu~, juzu bu bu~!? pu~a, unpleasant~ n ah ah! habu bu~!!」

With black hair that has a nice fragrance, while the silvery knight armor chimes with a kachakacha clinking sound, kneeling down to service me with a relentless blowjob, a virgin bishoujo classmate as a Princess Knight。
The irresistible feeling of conquest is absolute pleasure, the endurance of my rod is reaching its limit。

「I’m cumming~, Here I go~! Take all of my semen into your mouth~, Be sure to catch and save it all Kirika!」

DOKUN! A violent white stream bursted outwards。
Nm~~, Nm~~ she was groaning from her mouth, [Byurubiyuruto] a massive amount of semen was poured in。

「Uh~, Kuu~……! Ev, everything was swallowed, open your mouth to show it……」
「Ah, Ahuuh……!」

The small lips slowly separated from the cock, and opened due to the command。
A cloudy pool of liquid was mixed with saliva, no surprise there was steam built up。

「Okay……Swallow it slowly」
「~……! Nm~……!」

Gokun~, and then the white throat resounds, the semen I ejaculated out gradually settled into Himeno Kirika’s body。
One month ago, it was a scene too unrealistic that it could not even be imagined。

「Haa, Haa……KEHO~……! Are, are you satisfied with this……?」

While wildly out of breath, she spat out such a stereotypical remark。
Naturally I grinned and shook my head in disapproval。

「Nina, you are ordered to do the usual for the Dick」
「Hai, Goshujinsama」

With the mouth finally separated from the dildo, the Sorceress chants the spell formula。
A violet purple light surrounds the withered penis……and instantly, its state rises up and then is fully recovered and erect。

「No, No way……shouldn’t it have been over after it was released that one time!?」
「It is a minor application of the Physical Reinforcement System of Enchantment Magic。Adventurers seem to be of quite a spendid use don’t they? You haven’t been studying, Princess Knight-sama」

While she was turning pale and laughing, I issued the next command。

「Well then, how about we do the real thing Himeno-san。No, Princess Knight Kirika」

※   ※   ※

「Kuu~……don’t, don’t look ehh……! I beg of you~……」
「Very nice, it is pretty。It is the best scene to look at」

While naked I lay down on the bed slowly and leisurely。
Speaking of Kirika, only the panties of her armored appearance were removed and her skirt was lifted up by me, shamelessly dressed with her vagina out in the open and kneeling around my stomach。
The command stated as『Spread out your pussy and properly display it』,  has been made to be carried。

「Your hair is really thin down there, Himeno-san。On the pussy and around the surrounding flesh, it is really beautiful without a single stain」
「Yaa~, It, it is so shameful……!」

The unused hole that seems small is extended as much as possible, the salmon pink folds twitchingly tremble。
In the back recesses, a faint frilly like hymen is identified。

「Now at last, my cock shall receive the virginity that will be discarded by straddling it on its own accord」[tln: he is telling her to do cowgirl style]
「N, no way~……I, I doing that on my own, uso~……!?」

No matter how much it is disliked, an order is absolute for a magic slave。
Towering up to point towards the ceiling is my Dick, right above it is a virgin pussy moving about, Kirika had a scared expression。

By the way the job called Princess Knight, with Strength and Nobility, it is a title bestowed upon only to the most elite female knight that is also the greatest beauty。
As such a Princess Knight is very proud, the dignity of a dilgent bishoujo the former class rep, it is completely shattered as a result of the order of being in the cowgirl sex position。

「Whoops, before that……in order to insert it more easily, lets get you it bit wet」
「Eh……Ah~, Wh, what is it~!? What are you~!?」

Kirika trembles with a bururu~, thick love juices overflow from her cunt and cover the head of the penis。
The Commands of a Slavemancer, extends to physical bodily phenomenon such as metabolism to some extent。

「So that the first time having sex wont be painful, I tried to be gentle and thoughtful」
「S, Su, Such a thing~……It is the lowest in any case, you did such forcibly!」
「Wonderful isn’t it, continue to display that behavior without losing a bit of that resistance even while the dick is being thrusted, Princess Knight-sama。Well then……insert my cock into yourself, Kirika!」

The waist dropped down completely without shame, to man who is not a loved one, Himeno Kirika seemingly of her own accord ushered in my cock。
Even if made wet through compulsion, it tightly clamps down and surrounds the dick, and then……。

「ii~……ita(it hurts)~, itaaa……ii~……!!」
「hahaha~! Himeno-san’s virginity, the virginity of Princess Knight Kirika, I have taken it! I just broke it! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha~~!!」

The sense of achievement goes to my head with an intoxicating and exciting feeling of conquest。
The small and youthful grains of the membrane being torn, my cock continues to invade deeper to penetrate the Princess Knight’s pussy。
When the virginity of a village girl or a female adventurer was being taken away, there was an excitement like feeling at the time, but that cannot compare to this right now。

「Well now, I didn’t summon these spectators just because it is special。Nina, Amelia!」

Answering to my call, the Sorceress and the Female Warrior that served as a guard in the previous fight arranged themselves on both sides of the bed。
The female warrior Amelia took off her armor, healthy tanned skin and wild long red hair that is distinct of an untamed beautiful woman。
The age is 2 years older than Nina and us, perhaps 3 years or above。

「yada~, yaaadaa……~! D, Don’t Looooookkk~……! Naaa~!!」

The virginity was lost, despite having sex for the first time with a man while dressed in high class armor the state of shaking her lower body was a very shameful appearance。
A smooth straight line of blood hangs from being deflowered。
Everything to be seen by the two people, although the pair of women that were watching intently are both magic slaves。
To that strong sense of shame, Kirika’s face became bright red in addition to sheding tears while her hips continued without stopping。

「hah hah~, don’t you seem to be clamping extra tight down there after they started watching? I wonder if you might be feeling like some kind of masochist, Former Class Rep Himeno-san?」
「N, No way, can’t be~……I, I don’t know, I don’t understand~……!」

Maybe it was in the form of a question, it is funny giving a answer and honestly not understanding it。
To that aspect and to the crying face, I pushed up my lower body with more excitement by myself。

「Hie~, Hie gu uue!? Yah~ Ah~ Ah~~!? M, moving so suddenly~……naaa~~!?」
「A gradually more pleasure induced voice was let out huh。Hora, Try to grind up and down with your waist to match my movements」
「Yaah~, N, no way doing that sort of……Hie~, Ah Hiiie~!?」

Even with the natural sense of shame and the state of hesitation, orders are absolute。
It was vulgar in a great way because of how the hips were deeply and strongly wriggling while the Princess Knight’s pussy sucks in the cock。
Kacha~, with a CHARI~ metallic sound of the armor rubbing against itself, the cute frilled skirt, long black hair swaying with each movement。

「KUU~……! It is surging up to be amazingly hot, my cock is being squeezed by Kirika’s Princess Knight pussy!」
「Yada Yadaa~, there is no way I am doing such a thing……Ofuu~!? Afu, Hie Yaaaah, Naaah……ah~!?」

The unchanging shape of the breasts are somewhat spellbounding, it wouldn’t be all that impossible for that chest armor to loudly shake the planet。
Speaking of which there are stories of Himeno Kirika seeming to look smaller in clothes which may be hiding her large breasts, as rumored by the boys in the class。
So for its authenticity, let’s try to amply confirm the volume later on。

「It is hard to think you were a virgin by the way you were tightening around the first cock, even Himeno-san the honor student had sex……! Incidentally~, the order to get wet a moment ago may have just been only in your imagination ……!」
「Higuu~, Eh~ What~, Eh~!?」
「Once I gave a command, you were able to do it without explanation, the climax was reached。How is it possible, it is unthinkable to so easily cum in the beginning of the first time having sex without prior experience?」
「~~!!? Wh, What does that mean, Iy, Iyaaah~! I’m about to cum~, I’m going to cummm……!」

Even if it is hated or there is crying, It is too late。
Nevertheless the Princess Knight’s lower body moved up and down trembling, while I from below intensely pushed upward。
Finally a feeling of an upcoming ejaculation was welling up, then an order was sent out。

「Here I cum~、Himeno Kirikaa~!! My ejaculation, it will fully be released and mixed into your womb in its purest form, Himekishi Kirika!! It is time to cum!!」
「I~ Iyaaa~, Dame eeeeh~~(tl: dame – you must not)!! Yada Yada Dame Dame Dame eeeh~~, Hie~……!?」

With remarkably more intense strokes, Kirika’s hips dropped, and my cock was thrusted up。
The stiff head of my penis is at the cusp of the opening of the womb, the moment I smash through with all of my might I kiss her and inserted my tongue。

「Hie~……Nawah aaaah~~~!!? Ik~, Ikuuuuu~~~(tl:iku – i’m cumming)!!? i~iku, I’m about to cum, I’m cummmmmmmiiinnnnnggg~~~!!!」

Hidden by the armor and the silk undergarments, was the Princess Knight’s most important place。
Making a pulsating sound, the exploding force of my seed is about to be injected as I cum。

「Uu~……Kuu~, Oh Ah~……!」
「Aah~, naaah~……haah, Aaah~……! Wh, What is this……Th, this strange thing……!」

While being stoically stared at with the obedient eyes of the two magic slaves, Nina and Amelia。
Dramatically collapsing on to my chest, Kirika was likely quivering from the after effects of first orgasm in one’s life。
All while a lot of my semen was bathing in the womb……。

※   ※   ※

「……Odamori-kun。I, will get you for this」

Kirika collapsed onto the bed, and from those beautiful eyes sent a sharp piercing stare towards my direction。
The loss of virginity and the first time climaxing, the shock of the first creampie and fatigue, the breathing was still in disarray。

The words describing me, small shivers sent down the spine。
It was not because of fear。
It was the first time being faced directly by her to me, and a strong will is expressed from her。

Likely for her, it would be the first time having such intense emotions directed towards another。
Only me……Only I have, such a type of connection with Himeno Kirika。
In a certain meaning, I feel more of a sense of accomplishment from when I broke her virginity。

「Very well, Princess Knight Kirika。You are welcome to try it if you can」
「Yes, although I don’t even know of the means to do it, Certainly……I will do it by all means。Even if I am turned into a magic slave, prepare yourself」

To inflict harm to me, it would require no less than an order stated by me to break the shackles, such an act would be like throwing away one’s own life。
It is needless to make any such orders, built into the Slavery Magic Formula is the Magic Slave’s『Kihon Kinshi Gensoku (Basic Principle of Prohibition)』。

Thus, the control over the person who became a Magic Slave, which is nearly permanent cannot be broken。
Though there are some trivial rules that are more strict, they will be explained at another time 。
Anyways, trying to overthrow the control is quite the spectacle。

「I am looking forward to it。That is an ambitious undertaking」

On the bed I seized her palm, and again spread outward。

「It is nice after all。Arigatou, I should give my thanks to you Princess Knight-san」
「Why did you say such a thing……?」

A certain intoxicating sensation is boiling up from the depths of the body。
It is something that has already been tasted several times by now。

「Proficiency of the Job……I wonder if you are aware of the requirements to raise the level? Experience is accumulated by using  a corresponding skill, that raises the skill level……and in additionally it is useless to do it the normal and safe way blindly」

If it is a Sword Technique, the amount of experience gained from connecting the blade to kill a formidable enemy under actual combat would be extraordinary, simple training with mere practice swings would not even be a comparison。
If it is Magic, what is essential is the more complex of a magic spell used and a successful use on an opponent with a higher resistance。

「In addition to my Slavery Magic being subjected to an opponent with high Magic Resistance, the execution of orders is also the reason Experience was accumulated at a High Speed。In fact all the more when it  is a complicated and unusual command」
「~!? Im, Impossible it can’t be……!」
「It is。Just a while ago Princess Knight-sama followed a number of lewd commands, the experience value awarded was much greater than expected」

Laughter started to well up involuntarily。
The strongest piece captured and an efficient means to level up, the result was two birds falling in place with a stone in one fell swoop。
Furthermore……the bishoujo former classmate, now that of the rare job Princess Knight, existing as a sex slave that can be said to disgrace the Highest ones。

「N, No way ……!」
「Much thanks for this meeting。Well Himeno-san, no Princess Knight Kirika。There is still some ways to go with this Boner stimulated by magic, Today and throughout this night I shall have you continue to help me earn more Experience points」
「II, IYAA……」
「There are commands I want to try out that are like erotic play, also there are plenty of them。I assure you that you will not get bored」

And then, IYAAAA~——With an echo, the screams of the Princess Knight。
When I greeted the next dawn。
With the success of the slavery magic, the level of Slavemancer has successfully been raised。

※   ※   ※

Slavemancer Tooru(Level UP!)
Job  :Slavemancer LV6→7
Skill :【Slavery Magic LV5→6】 ???

Princess Knight Kirika
Job  :Princess Knight LV5
Skill :【Holy Knight Sword Technique LV3】

【Magic Resistance LV2】 ???

※In this work, the betrayal of the MC by the female characters, such as Netorare will not occur。Don’t worry。[TLN: Good, because I am not into Netorare. Big turn off]

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