Episode 09: Village Doctor

Going to work on that Metal Hagure chapter right after this.

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Status on Elf Tensei

60ish percent so far. Looks like I am on track.

The light novel is also being made and I found this concept art on the author’s site.

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Volume 01 – Episode 08: Return

The light novel for Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari has been licensed, good thing that the translators were only doing the web novel. But too bad it still has to be taken down as a project on Baka-Tsuki. I never liked Baka-tsuki for those types of reasons.

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Volume 01 – Episode 07: Dream

I have a program to write for class, I will try to do that and then work on 8. I will also work on that special teaser translation and will likely just have a partial translation up for the special event day. Likely 31st will have a partial chapter 8 and the 1st will be another partial with a event passcode to access to spread the joy. I will likely do other teasers on like on July 4th or Thanksgiving or Xmas. I will definitely do some teasers on non-special event days on the calendar but I wont announce when they will be posted. You may simply know that I am doing them and not know when I post them, but you will know which series I doing. Special events are surprise series and you will not know which ones I am doing. Well enough of that, Here is the elf tensei vol 1 Chapter 7: dream.

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Volume 01 – Episode 06: Raid

Well here we are. I am releasing this a little earlier than planned. I am not sure If I can get 7 and 8 on the 31st, but I will post at least a partial of what I have on that day. And at least Partial Preview of whatever chapter of a surprise web novel on April. The plan for April is finish one Mushoku Tensei chapter and what ever I said on the plan I haven’t already finished. I might translate a very small RPG maker game. I want to have something in terms of content in the games section available soon.

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Volume 01 – Episode 05: Night Camping

[TLN: enjoy. going to work on ch 10 of metal hagure while working on the next three chapters of elf tensei. I may release previews. Or I may release them all at once on the 31st, or each chapter separately when they are done. Trying ways to overcome my procrastination. Still an average of 4 chapters a month is not bad. That is like a chapter a week. It has been a slow day for other things that distract me, so I have been able to focus. I think I might fill in the gaps in re:monster next, days 11 to 13~ish are not listed so I might try to do those. Doesn’t look like they will be going back to finish or release those days in the chapter, so I figured I might do it. Not joining their team, I am freelance and I generally don’t work well with others. the missing days might be done first. So wait for those to come out.] Continue reading

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Volume 01 – Episode 04: Body Remodeling

[TLN: Completed chapter, a bit of a rush. Since, there were no major school events so far. Next month, I will only release near the end of the month. A bit busy with stuff. I will probably release 2 chapters at most next month near the last week of March. Maybe you will see some previews. Like with this chapter.]

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Volume 01 – Episode 03: Two Promises

[TLN: I say it is a side project, but as a procrastinator I am doing this more than the RPG maker ones. I have been busy with RL stuff, so I am not going to be able to release once every 2-3 days as I had the first few chapters. Looks like a chapter every 2-3 weeks. My speed drops when translators for other novels pick up speed, I read more than anything else. I have read the comments pointing out typos and have fixed the┬átypos. I will likely delete the comments about editing after evaluating and taking in those suggestions that way I can keep track of it as an errors-to-fix to-do-list. Comments will continue to be heavily regulated since I have seen what has happened to the comment section in Bakahou’s blog posts. Well regulation will be lifted for now, so that you can see that other people have already pointed out whatever typos I made. As for style of the translation and wording, I will keep it as is to be close to the original. Spam and spoiler comments will be deleted. Comments about editing will eventually be deleted once I fix those errors, or I may edit the comments themselves. It gets annoying to have to read through the same comment a million times while scrolling through my notifications box while looking for error correction suggestions.] Continue reading

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Volume 01 – Episode 02: Voice

Chapter 2. enjoy

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Volume 01 – Episode 01: Syril of the Elf Village

If I feel like doing this, I will translate this. Sometimes, I will translate the RPG maker games, sometimes I feel like doing this. This is easier than RPG maker for sure, but I prioritize the RPG maker projects. I call dibs on this novel. I don’t accept other translators, it will slow down the process. If you want to edit, you may grab this and edit it on your own page. These are my first and final drafts.

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