Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho chapter 6

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Farming Village Arc ⑥-3 years old and learning about the world-

After 2 years, the roundabout fraud-like Magician-sama is here 。Finally, Magician-sama has visited our GariGari Village。
Too Slow。There were rumors of them supposedly arriving soon, that began around 2 Years AGO!
It is a conversation from the Village’s adults, it seems that because of some type of civil war they had been severely delayed, but isn’t 2 years too long of a wait?

I am already 3 years old。3 peace ✌ desu。

In these past 2 years of mine, an emphasis was placed on the Pocchari Village project to revitalize the GariGari Village。

First of all, small fry weren’t the only fish, it seems big fish can be caught as well, by applying the same principle used to trap young fish, wood was inserted into the middle of the river to make a fence。
The fish trapping enclosure is made from a web of straw which improves upon the original fish trap, there were noticeable results, it was able to reach the point to where dishes of big fish could be served at the dining table。

In addition, a simple thousand tooth threshing machine was manufactured from thick wood。Since strength was needed for the task, I primarily gave out gave out instructions, so it has the feeling that Maru-anchan and Jiro-anchan were the ones that basically made it。

Thanks to this pseudo thousand tooth threshing machine, threshing work was done with remarkable ease。
As it was lent to the denizens of the GariGari Village, threshing work in the village is completed with great speed, because of that there is more time to spare, not only for the children, but even adults were able to begin knitting straw sandals or baskets. Any surplus that have been made is sold to the traveling Merchant-san, finally, at last, this rural life seems to be over with。

And now for the unveiling of the first place great discovery, a leguminous plant that was found by the riverside。With a vine like plant, once it grows into maturity a bean that is slightly smaller than an average soy bean。
When I tried to eat it after blanching it for a long time, it had a very immature taste when compared to a soybean, leguminous plants are filling and are high in nutritional value。

With a bit of perseverance, Soy milk。Miso and Soy Sauce won’t just be a dream。It is the plant of dreams。

However, there is one thing, the harvest of the field has had no progress。Rather it has worsened from growth。
There are no paddy fields in this village, the fields grow a type of dry land rice for cultivation。It is harder than the rice eaten in the previous life, well, it is still rice。I can’t hate it。

This dry land rice, it had very great and significant growth in the beginning, but it was a fact that each year the growth was less and less。

I dimly, or should I say that I am completely confident, that I already understand the cause。It is a term that is derived from social studies class。

Continuous Cultivation Disorder。This is it, this might be its perfect name don’t you agree。

There is no winter in this region。Does it become slightly chilly? To an extent, field work practically never stops and as soon as there is a harvest, seeds are sown again。

With such a combination it is natural for the soil’s balance to deteriorate。

However, I don’t have a particular countermeasure for this repeated cultivation disorder。

After all, everyone in the village just says something along the line with

「The Travelling Magician-sama will do something about it」。

I am getting more and more interested in this Magician-sama that has this overall trust。

Fortunately, thanks to the fish and wild grasses, the hunger problem seems to be okay, now I decided to see about the state of the fields。

What the heck will you do uncertain Magician-sama!

Fufufu, interesting。Will you be prepared with fertilizer? Will the soil be dug up from a deep place。Or perhaps, with flood control, they may make a rice paddy!
This is interesting, hurry up and arrive! Magician!

With more than a passing though, today is finally the day, Magician-sama is finally going to arrive in the village。
How impolite to keep a lady waiting!

And thus, with the arrival of the Magician-sama came two persons。
One was very tall, a man with red hair。Perhaps in his early 20s? With well defined eyebrows that makes the person have the air of being gallant and strong willed。
The other person, a blonde, its coloration is even lighter in comparison to the blonde hair of one’s own family, it has somewhat of an elegant feeling, a boy・・・? The age seems to be in the teens。Because it is still young the features are neutral, but it seems to be that of a male。The hair is grown out, and tied behind the back。They seem somewhat nervous, with the middle of the forehead wrinkled。

Yup, either way, both of them are very good looking。
I, for the moment, resemble my mother’s more plain face, beautiful people are very dazzling。
However I only have a simpler face right now, a woman can change themselves at anytime!
Cuteness can be made!

Nevertheless as for the appearances of the Magician-sama that arrived in the village, they were encompassed by long and heavy robes like for formal wear, it is something really fitting for a genuine ‘Magician’。Is it Cosplay?

I mean, to be honest, I thought that some type of skilled ojisan type person would come, young people coming was a surprise。
I can’t believe that these youngsters have the knowledge and technology to do something about this worn out field。
If I had to guess, those people over there are probably the escorts of the Magician. Clad in iron armor were knight like middle aged men, they seem to be dependable。
I mean to say, this knight like appearance, it was the first time seeing it since birth。

By the way, right now I, along with my older brothers, are peeping from the gap of the door。

Presently, the Magician party, by the entrance of the village, with the bald Village Mayor(THAT PERSON IS THE MAYOR), were exchanging greetings while stealthily being watched from one’s house。
It seems like the formal greetings have ended, the mayor took the magician along with him and began to present the village’s fields。
A belt of farmland extends from the village at the center, its shape forms around our house in turn。
The grown-ups are going about outside, the magician is now in the flow of receiving a welcoming, perhaps we, the children of the village can also do the same, I am sure of it from peeping through the crevice of the window and the crack between the door。

While the mayor is showing the field, he frowns and shakes one’s head from side to side。
Perhaps,「This field is useless, and it completely can’t grow anything at all」is probably what is being said。

Then, the red haired magician had, after a composed nod crouched down, touched the earth with his hands while looking at the fields, started to move his mouth。Can you even see the quality of the soil from doing that?

With a pose similar to the starting race crouch , perhaps this a「Get Ready, Get Set, Go☆」signal to start。

I personally think it is pointless, WAAーーー! Cheers were being heard。

In a fluster, the field was seen, the dry land rice, they were steadily growing!

Seriously, what is this?
Right now the dry land rice plants are growing with a dancing slithering motion。

What kind of thing is this?
Eh, what is going on here・・・?

What is this strange scene!
Im, pos, si, ble!!

Hey, perhaps this might be

By any chance……

Magicians are genuine magicians……can it be?

So, in other words――――――――

A reincarnation into different world……?
the so called……Swords and Magical Fantasy?

I had read about these from the previous life. While recollecting the stories and movies of the fantasy genre, my 3 year old self had finally understood the current state of reality。


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