Great Nation Chapter 4

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This series is known as

The Great Nation Remodeling of Reincarnated Princess ~Let’s Build an Unrivaled Country~

I prefer to read most things in Romanji. The romanji title is

Tensei Oujo no Kokka Dai Kaizou ~ Muteki na Kuni wo Tsukurimashou

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5 Years have passed since I reincarnated into this world。

「Alicetia yo…umm…wouldn’t you rather play outside?」

「I am very busy, so there is no time for that」

I answered briefly before returning my gaze to the book。 The book that is being read today is about Magic Engineering。 Although the contents are very complicated, as I have increased the knowledge of oneself over these 5 years and have not been negligent in studies and observation of  surroundings, I can understand it 。

「Nevertheless…there are probably no more books left here after this」

I have come to be able to read at the age of 3, the penmanship is still a bit childish though I am capable of writing while I spend most of my free time reading to pass the time。 However, since I am still very young with not much else to do, the proportion of time spent reading was higher and so I seemed to have read all of the books 。

「Then maybe I should enroll into the Academy」

Central Nations Alliance Huell Academy This seems to be the largest school in this world, entrance to the academy is only permitted if one passes an examination。 The school is distinctive in how it will remove even the meddling of nations that may become a hindrance to education, not even an emperor could do anything 。

「But…even Gil only enrolled at the age of 12, it is too early for Alicetia!」

「I don’t have enough knowledge」

「Why is only your thirst for knowledge so high…」

It is inevitable isn’t it。 Because there is not enough time for me。There have been small skirmishes along the border these 5 years, but an invasion has not yet taken place 。 I may lose the opportunity if I do not enroll now。 In addition to my safety, the School prevents any outside interference, another institution like that does not exist。
The only thing I possess is knowledge。 At the same age, Oniisama received a short sword and polished his skills but as for me…well…my growth seems to be slower than average and I cannot wield the short sword at all。 Since that is the case, I shall polish knowledge and survive with that as a weapon。 I must grow up in haste, since time is very finite I would hate to waste it。

「Otousama onegaishimasu」

I closed the book and bowed my head towards Otousama。

「Nugugu…O, Oh that’s right!Alicetia is able to use Spirit Magic。If that is the case, I can’t just have just any basic wand made!I must go figure out how to get a proper one manufactured」

And with that response, Otousama escaped。

Besides chanting, a wand is indispensible for magic and spirit magic。 Without using it, the amplification of one’s magical power and support in invocation would be unavailable。 The most important trait is its ability to encapsulate magic。 Fundamentally being able to encapsulate magic is only one thing but, the real reason is that encapsulated magic has the ability to be used by a magician as a surprise attack without employing the use of aria or magic formations。
For instance, even a elementary level fireball can kill a person if it is enclosed。 Being able to omit chanting has instantly great merits, but this enclosure has one certain ‘trap’。 The wand of another person cannot be used without a high degree of difficulty except for the practitioner themselves due to the enclosed magic。 In other words they are completely handmade。 Of course an all-purpose type wand without enclosure are used by students that attend the school but a magician would say that ‘it is a toy made for children to use, with its slow magic power amplification being so pitifully small and sorrowful performance’。

「I shall make it at once」

Of course, I naturally can make a genuine【Wand】。 Up until now, knowledge that had been pointlessly stockpiled along with the knowledge from the previous existence had been in waste; now we can finally expect to make use of it, let us go get the materials from Okaa-sama。

「Please give me these materials」

Currently I am in the midst of imploring Okaasama。

「It is indeed too early for Alice-chan。Even I was only able to make a cane when I turned 18 years old, there can’t be any way that it is possible can it?」

Didn’t Otousama indirectly say that he’ll have it produced by the Kingdom at 18 years old…However, I am already able to make it myself。 I shall prove that I can make it。

「It is alright, the design for the wand already exists」

I told Okaasama of the concept and the magic loaded into the wand。

「Though it would be interesting, it is however too dangerous。Generally attack magic is inserted, something like that is unheard of。If Alice chan carries a wand then make it with attack magic for the sake of emergencies to keep one safe」

「It wouldn’t even be a threat if attack magic couldn’t be aimed at people」

There is a reason why I chose this type of knowledge。 If possible I would like to not hurt anyone。 Since the effects of one’s own magic is understood…even if it is a villain that the magic is being shot at, the concentration of one’s spirit will waver。

「The virtue of Alice-chan’s gentleness is a vice 。If one is not resolute, harm may befall oneself or a precious person。So that is why I do not want you to become a magician」

Okaasama’s gentle nature makes a deep impression, but it is not enough to change my mind。 I want to become a praiseworthy person like Okaasama and Otousama, and use my power to benefit this country。
Various things have happened to me these 5 years。 Being a target of Assassins and Kidnappers, but many people have been seen as well。
The people of this country seem to be happy, to have continued to battle for over 500 years to preserve these smiles。 It seems that there are a lot of people with family and friends that have died。 Even still, I love this country‼ Everyone does their best to protect the place we all call home。
But there still exists the adverse effects of war in this country。 In this country, high quality metals and the like are extracted from mines in the west, there is a Forest of Demons in the unexplored areas in the north, and to the east there is the ocean。 The sea should have the geographic features necessary for a large scale port city that could feed the people of the nation with seafood and agriculture。 And monster materials harvested from the Monster’s forest are said to be of the highest quality, the large amounts of exports such as the swords and armor and so forth are of a high quality comparable to the exports of other countries, but these profits are used for the sake of protecting the country and not invested anywhere else。 The financial costs of war have caused Otousama to grieve and suffer over。

「The magic of this country is somewhat lacking, so that is where I can be of use」

「Surely this country’s magicians aren’t so insufficient to the degree that it would fall upon a child to shoulder the burden ?」

Okaasama’s anger is understandable。 In this country adults protect the children, it is commonplace for children to grow up with the concept that adults have the responsibility of protect the children,(This way of thinking originally existed within the Beastmen races but it has spread out and become widely accepted by other peoples)and as a child no one will consider my thoughts。

「I must also shoulder responsibilities since I am Royalty。It is as Otousama always states。The Royal Family exists for the country」

「Even so there is no hurry to grow up so fast。You might certainly be a genius。But you are also a gentle child and it can be seen that you have great powers。However we do not want you to carry such a burden。Please be patient for at least a few more years」

It seems to already be impossible now。Once Okaasama has decided on something, she will never change and could possibly be more stubborn than me。

「I understand the matters about the school。But I still want to make the wand」

「Does Alice chan really wish to make something that is not sold in shop?Your pocket money seems to still have a considerable amount remaining, isn’t it?」

Oniisama and I are very unusual for royalty to have an allowance system, we receive 6 pieces of silver coins each month, and because of that we can somehow get by。 Since clothes and accessories are necessary for the royal family, they are provided by the country; but personal effects and other things are bought by oneself in order for one to foster a sense for money and to prevent a wasteful livelihood。 As for myself, I only spend to the degree of occasionally purchasing a book or drinking tea in a café while having the rest of the gold coins in the savings box。

「It won’t be usable if the performance is too low。The one previously bought exploded when it was used」

「Has your magical power become much greater than mine…」

Magical power increases the more it is used to the limit, but the rate of increase is very insignificant。 However it has increased greatly with me using magic on a daily basis。 It is easier to increase the maximum capacity while one is still small, but generally children cannot control magic so even if the method is known the theory is difficult to put into practice。

「The matters about the school can wait, but not having a wand is inconvenient」

「Yeah~it would be a problem if Alice-chan were only able to call herself a magician only in name……Okay then。Please wait for a few days。It will be decided after discussing this with that person。But until then, don’t do anything unreasonable」

「I understand」

With this, the things that I am capable of will surely increase。 But this is still just the beginning, I need to learn about various more things so that I am not a nuisance to the family。 Being surrounded by such good and kind people, I realize that I must put in great effort everyday。
I know that in these past 5 years, that the people that have died for my sake is no small number。 For the people who have died and their surviving family, I need to have unwavering determination and will。So therefore I must persevere。 I will do my best so that I can live this life with pride and confidence。


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