Metal Hagure chapter 10

Series has essentially ended as far as I know.

Metal Hagure Saikyou Densetsu ~Status bug Shoutai de Isekai trip shitara Musou datta ken~

HP1 kara hajimeru isekai musou

Medusa of the Demon Beast Forest: Part 2

Serious development is completed this time. Next time, the misunderstanding theatre begins.
There was a long time since the previous appearance and I am sorry……but be thankful that it is not dropped.
An early morning one month later.
When Anastasia wakes up, there was about 20 rat corpses at her bedside.
Among them were some not completely dead, there were rats who was in a current state of faint breathing.
Getting up, she turned her sight towards several cats staring back at her near the door.
While sighing deeply, she fills the bag with the mass of rat carcasses.

——Afterwards, I have to bury them within the flowerbed……

And for the rats who are dying, I’ll use recovery magic on them and make them leave the terrace.

This kind of thing has been happening many times as of now.

According to the cats theory, Anastasia who cannot hunt is thought to be pitiful, perhaps they are offering food.
As for the faintly breathing rats, 『Were they weakened so that even I could manage it? So that I could practice with this and become an adult earlier?』 That should be the case.

「……no, I am glad that the feelings were in the right place……because food is given……but it is not good to be cruel, all of you」

Even if I say such a thing, it is of no use to a cat, every time they show a blank expression.

「Now then, shall I make rice?」

The cats became excited at those words.

「Before that……」

The day the merchant arrives is today. Even if I say that, in order to prevent accidents, transactions are not conducted directly face to face.
The order document and money is left at the entrance. Afterward, the package is delivered to the door. I will only do such exchanges.

If there is something needed, it is written on the document to say so.

Food・Daily necessities……and also clothes.
Until now, only the necessary minimal things were ordered about clothes, but this time is different.

「……Even if that is said, that person……is blind, so no matter what you say it would be fine……」

And then, clothes were taken out from the middle of the closet.
It was a Gothic Lolita dress which was adhered with a large amount of frills, these clothes was what her mother wore at the same age as Anastasia.
Passes her arms through the sleeves, it seemed that the height was just the right size.

However, she breathed out a sigh.
――The size of the chest, hopelessly, isn’t enough.
For the time being, Her chest is the same as a cutting board…..Because it should still be developing, she does not abandon hope.
The current state is the chest area is too big, The eyes of cats gathered at the clearly unnatural place.

「……You guys? So you know, that is damaging to a typical young girl, but……」

She adjusts her depression, the cats become tired of her who was wearing unusual clothes and began to cry out.

「……aah. That is right isn’t it. Let’s make some rice.」

The cats began to run full speed to the dining room.

And thus, she went to the underground food storage, and a large amount of dry meat was taken out.

Even if it was a party of a scale of 100 people it wouldn’t be a problem, in the dining room the cats had already finished waiting.
As always I take out the huge dish, wherein I toss the dried meat into.

「……be sure to not fight with each other」

To the extent of her declaration, Anastasia begins preparation of the meal.
Anastasia is perplexed by her own restless feelings, she….wonders.

――Still, she may have been lonely until now.

From the boy in this one month, many stories were heard.
The customs of the village, and festival event. Friction with family, Fairy tale of an epic Hero, and also gossip.
Although they were only trifling stories, it was very interesting for her since she had never talked to anyone other than her mother and father.
――Mother had chosen a blind beast-race person as a companion, it was until now that the reason why she had taken care of father who had passed away.
Social life was too risky due to the girl’s power which does not discriminate and unconscious.
Even though it is important, it was a power that could destroy in an instant……。
Accordingly, if one were to become her companion, it can be said to be a necessity to disable that person so that the ability is nullified.

A companion…… just by thinking about it, Anastasia’s cheeks were dyed red.

「……No, I, I was……it was only because it has been lonely until now, his visit merely feels refreshing…… it’s only natural. Surely that is only to be expected……Yes……For the moment」

While she mutters to try to convince herself, the blind boy was heard knocking at the entrance.

「……hu hu……it is early today……the hair is unkempt too……」

She mutters while becoming close to tears, then a thought had arrived.

――To a sightless partner, and to seriously worry about appearances……。

Towards the entrance hall, the boy was invited into the mansion.
The basket packed with edible wild herbs was carried, as always, the cats were lead to the flower bed which they rarely set foot.

And then, when the blindfold was taken off, the boy’s smile could be seen as always.
The heavens spread out to an open blue sky, flowers of various colors extend on the ground.
A light wind carries petals and pleasant fragrance, and the heart is met with a calm and gentle serenity.

「You? What is wrong? You fell silent a little while ago.」

After a bit of thought, Anastasia opened her mouth.

「……You……were you able to get the wild vegetables in the mountains? What kind of feeling does the household have?」

「uーーn……although nothing was directly said, after all the treatment of being a nuisance does not change. But it seems that it was a mystery wondering why there was no attack by monsters.」

「Excuse me……If it is not unpleasant however what if……you, already live here. On days when you don’t come, I am alone……」

「uーーーn……You are right. That would be good. But, if that sort of thing is done without permission wouldn’t Witch-sama get angry?」

Unintentionally Anastasia laughed.

From the time when one has met, the Medusa was humbled.
First, the boy was feared since the boy was not afraid coming near the mansion, it seems there will not be such a worry either.

「I don’t think Witch-sama will be angry. The reason why she wont get angry is……that the next time I will speak to her」

「……But, is that okay? The things that you are able to do as work……as you know, I cannot work normally? Therefore there is a reason to get rid of me」

「Yes, I don’t have any problems. Since you are a conversational partner, it is enough that nothing else will be expected」

「I understand. Anyways as the person who is ostracized in the house……I am also happy to have fun talking to you」

Then Anastasia made a puzzled expression.


「Huh? What?」

「So easily……since you are not able to work? Your family……is making you leave?」

Well…… the boy laughed as if embarrassed.

「being abandoned by all……seeing nothing but darkness……I was being crushed by anxiety and despair. At that time, you held out your hand to me. As for the reason…… is no use wondering?」
Continuing the time, Half a year ago.

The Great Sage Shigunamu– that he was expelled from the Noranuku Kingdom as a heretic by the King 3 years ago, it was a widely known event.

His knowledge and magical ability has reached the highest level of Humanity.

Why is it that he declined a noble rank from various countries, express heresy as the guest of the famous Noranuku King, reject waving that power.
The answer was simple, he was trying to stop the reckless king.
So— from a different world, a rampage summoning of a Hero randomly.

Originally, his specialty was ancient magic, and his life was dedicated to the study of old legends.
A particular field where he showed interest in, descriptions concerning the Hero from a different world.
To summon a Hero from a different world, a prerequisite is needed to be met to create a distortion in that dimension.
And also with the dimensional distortion are Fire ・Earth・Water・Wind— A Great Disruption to the harmony of the 4 Great elements of Magical Power, Dark Matter is generated.

Dark Matter……It is the 5th Element.

The Element of Chaos (Chaos・Element) was the name Shigunamu gave it.
And according to the 『Revelation from God』―― the Harmony of the World as of now is going to be destroyed.
God has said, the existence that exercises the elemental power of chaos has come out into the center stage of this world—『The One who devours the End』 the possibility of such an arrival has been generated.

At the current state, the battle between humans and Mankind’s enemy, the Maou, has been at a standoff.
For the Demons, there is a very scarce taste in the territory that the Humans rule over, it is not worth invading.
However, if the 『One who devours the end』 appears according to the 『Revelation of God』, then it can be said that the entirety of the world will be driven to ruin in less than no time.
And then, the conditions fitting 『The One who Devours the End』 had appeared and an event occurred to the Absolutely Invincible 『The Crisis of the Maou’s Defeat』。
The Harmony maintained by the 『Undefeated Maou』 was disrupted by the Hero from another world was the result.
To overthrow the Strongest Maou of successive generations, the one who is located beyond the reason of the world and law of nature(truth)— it is a possibility that only the Hero from another world could have.
With the current research results and based on the revelation received from God a few days ago, a conclusion was reached.

—After all, the Hero from another world must never be abused.

However, it was the Noranuku Kingdom that expelled him. Now, that Heretic’s king can’t be stopped.

And so like that…… He went away on a journey.

To prepare for the appearance for 『The One who Devours the End』, in search of clues of the approaching ruin―― Heroes, the Human race, or possibly even the Demon race……All of the creatures that comprise of this world――to investigate any helpful information to fight against it.
Now let us return to the main story.
As of now, Shigunamu is staying in a village near the Demon Beast Forest.
The results of this journey is splendid.
The Ancient Ruins inside the Demon Beast Forest was investigated, there it became possible to ascertain the place where 『The One who Devours the End』 slept.
Based on these findings, it is necessary to make countermeasures on the return journey to the forest in the vicinity of Noranuku.

However……he has become stumped.

As soon as the end of the stay was marked, sick persons have been flocking to him for his medical treatment magic.
The spells which had been polished to originally be helpfully used for people.
There is no hesitation to use it…… However, as of now, there is a mission at the moment that needs to be accomplished as soon as possible.

Still, he cannot abandon sick people that he can treat himself.
Moreover, now that a blind boy had been seen. [LygarX: Oh God No!]
――10 years ago.

After the head was hit hard due to an accident, the light was lost from the boy’s eyes.
And after 10 years, the light returning to him, such a thought had not passed by him for even a little.
Though deserted by his parents, fortunately her was picked up by a strange girl that lives in the forest.
She says she is a servant of the Witch of the Forest.
At the time, in the Demon Beast Forest, being attacked by a monster and dying, or dying from starvation were all possible.
She took the trouble to save him without any unpleasant expressions.

However…… the boy thinks.
The boy has feelings of wanting to return the kindness to her in one way or another.

—For her, he did not want to remain a good for nothing. At least, he thought so to be impossible.

If the eyes could see…… there may be a way to at least help her with her work in some way.

The boy grinds his teeth.
There is not anything that he himself is good at. Nothing but her burden…… is what one will become.
Then, rumors of a Great Sage named Shigunamu visiting the village had fallen upon his ears.

For the blind boy, it was a great fortune.
Shigunamu has set up one room in the inn as a clinic.
People who have broken bones, sprains, common cold, or a malignant tumor (cancer).
While annoyed by the line which has made several layers surrounding the inn, he finished waiting for his turn to be called after 10 hours, at last he was finally able to enter the room in the inn.

Though unable to see with his eyes, an overwhelming impression can be sensed that is different from an ordinary man before him.
If it were compared to color, it would be a gentle, noble, silvery white that emulates sacredness—it can be summed up as that.

Merely the presence of Shigunamu, the pressured boy couldn’t shake his slight anxiety.
There is a limit to what can be done by recovery magic. Even for a Great Sage, there is wonder if it is even possible to get his sight restored.

「Thou……What is thy age?」

「17 years old」

fumu……As Shigunamu strokes his beard and asks.

「This rural farming village is poor. How admirable, to live to that age without being abandoned」

Ha-ha, the boy laughed with a dry voice.

「It was only very recent, that I was cast out. I was sent to the Demon Beast Forest alone to collect wild herbs……」

「I see……however, there are many hungry demonic beasts in that forest. How did thou……?」

After pondering for a while, the boy answered.

「A forest fairy……I have met one」

「Is it not the Witch Medusa?」

「Umm, though I don’t understand who she is……I can sense her intentions. By the way, how about my eyes?」

「You may be relieved. Perhaps……recovery is possible by my magic」


To the cheerful words said by the Great Sage whom had taken over a small room in the neighborhood, the boy raises a hysteric voice.

「It seems to have been a large accident in the past……in that case, a big source of nerves ruptured, I wouldn’t lie if it weren’t possible」

And then, he continued.

「The eyes capture the reflection of information, when the brain suffers from an accident then the ability for it to communicate that information will be disrupted considerably. In this state the mind will inevitable be unable to connect to the picture」

Shigunamu placed his palm on top of the boy’s head, the senses were loaded.

「The blood vessels……by tuning it, it will become possible to see again in a short while」

For a while, the boy had become stiff.

To the scenery of darkness, light begins to faintly pierce.
And then, a blanket of white wrapped the front.
Everything in sight was extremely blurred, it was not possible to recognize anything—anyways, apart from that the light has returned.

「……Truly……A Miracle……This is the power of the Great Sage Shigunamu……Thank you very much」

「When time has passed the drowsiness of the view will disappear. Besides……immersing in excitement is bad here, I must see the next patient」

「Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much」

No matter how many more times, it would not be enough to express gratitude. But, Shigunamu shook hands and smiled a little with the boy.
For him, it was necessary to spread miracles to other sick people.
The boy realized it, and after one last profound bow, he left the room in the inn.

The instant after leaving the Inn, the boy was overcome by the impulse to shout right there and then.
The great delight was kept in check, and he had begun walking towards the outskirts of the village.
Step by step, with each firm step that was made, the sight started to return.
By the time he arrived at the outskirts of the village, the favorite walking stick been used for many years was thrown out at that place, and he began to run.

Although he should have first reported it to his family, the boy was aiming for the Demon Beast Forest.
――First of all, this joy had to be shared with her.
That throbbing feeling changed into power, and for the first time in years the boy was running at full speed.
The route that would usually have 1 hour spent, without even 20 minutes the entire distance was covered.
And then, the gates of the Witch’s western style house was passed.
— This as well, Was this place always so beautiful?
A sigh of admiration leaked out to the field of flowers spread out on one side of the garden.

Then, the boy saw the figure of a petite girl. Although it was a place that others did not have concern with and know of, the girl fundamentally did not wear the blindfold at the flower bed.
If a sudden unforeseen visitor such as a cat, she would immediately put on the blindfold—she did not know that the light has returned to that boy’s eyes.
Because the boy was blind, she was able to make direct eye contact with him. No, a partner to whom to have direct eye contact, is what she wished for.

And, the boy also did not know whether she was a Medusa at all.

「Hey, you! There is something I have to tell you!」

The boy called aloud to her.

「……n? Was today the day he was going to come here?」

Anastasia sprung up and looked over her shoulder. To the boy’s eyes, Anastasia’s violet pupils and the pure smile were reflected.

「Listen to me, I can see now――」
—- Their eyes had met.
Anastasia’s expression had become stiff.

An unfortunate accident overcame the boy.
First of all, the boy’s foot hardened.
Next, the tips of the limbs hardened.
From the whole body the power was being drawn out, numbness and stiffness spread.


While witnessing the boy change into a gray stone statue immediately before her eyes, Anastasia could do nothing but utter a cry that could not be voiced.

「……You……Your eyes……can see……so that……tte……lies……e~tsu……a~tsu……」

The petrification, Nothing could be done to stop it even by Anastasia the possessor of the ability.
If it could have been done, their clan wouldn’t have confined themselves to this remove region, and they would have had better mutual relations with the rest of society.

Feet, hands, and torso.

The gray erosion advances, even the boy’s shoulder was petrified.

Giving up, the boy mutters.

「Ah, So that is the reason……so that is what you wanted to tell me the next time I came……The reason is that You are the Witch:Medusa」

「……Why, you, why are your eyes suddenly able to see……Such a thing, Such a thing can’t be happening. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I, such a terrible thing……」

Shaking his head from left to right, the boy laughed.

「It can’t be helped. You are not evil……just a little more, you wanted to tell me of this sooner, but I also wasn’t thinking」

「……I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry」

Even the boy’s neck had eroded from petrification.
Matching with the erosion of the petrification, Anastasia’s eyes were filled with tears.

「It is already hopeless. There are some words that I’s like to convey in the end」


「Already, I can’t see anything but darkness anymore however……at the end, it was good to be able to gaze upon something beautiful. To see the garden of flowers and your actual face……really I am so glad」

And then, a sobbing Anastasia cradled him, in a gentle tone……he continued.

「This thing, from now on, don’t blame yourself too much. Please fulfill this last wish……」

And then, the erosion of the petrification reached the boy’s head—
—The light that should have returned to the boy’s vision, had once again been wrapped in darkness.

Afterwards, for three days and 3 night night Anastasia spent it weeping.
――I am……cursed.
The same words were repeated many times in her head.
――I……will never get involved with others again.
My power is too indiscriminate, uncontrollable, and too dangerous.
The lives of others destroyed, and my heart broken.
Therefore, the girl reached a conclusion.
――Enough already, I will no longer have anymore involvement with other persons. Until the time when the life ends.
Just crying and crying, she to the cats that lived in her mansion, were each equipped with a monster repelling stone installed on their collar.
And then, the cats were driven out of the residence. No, tried to drive them to be accurate.

「……I am sorry. I cannot live with another living being anymore. I do not want to lose anything else already」

But, the cats return to the mansion no matter how long or deep into the forest they were thrown out.
An annoyed Anastasia spread a barrier that prevents entry around the entire residence.
Nevertheless, the cats are always wandering around the mansion. So as to feed the hunger, they cried to the mansion in a dependent voice.

Having exhausted the girl’s patience, it was decided that food was put outside the mansion in the morning and evening.
But, the cats were never let into the mansion, and the cats were absolutely never to be pet.
――Enough already, I will never have such thoughts again.
Since she often moped aimlessly in the room, the flower bed in the garden was not being maintained.
The moment the flower garden was ruined, it became a cruel and tragic situation.
In the large Western styled building, she was merely spent a solitary life.
The boy that I killed subconsciously.
The cats were intentionally driven away by me.
Whether deliberate or whether it was unintentional……becoming completely solitary, is something she chose by herself.
However……she thinks.
――Why is it so lonely this way I wonder.
Crushed by the loneliness and grief, it became a habit to cry alone at night.

And then, a change appeared in her own appearance.
A few days ago, the custom-ordered-to-the-trader clothing that was always put on.
That is, the head was settled entirely, it was the cloth installed instead for the shoulder entrance.
As usually it is not possible to tell from not taking off the blindfold. Then the girl placed an order for goods.
That thick cloth was able to completely shut off the sight――She never took it off for a single moment.
With the thickness of the cloth, it was a strange appearance that completely covered around the shoulders, her intention to completely shut down the connection to the outside world.

The appearance is the outcome of that decision.
And a half year later.
The time 10 days after the Maou’s sudden announcement of Retirement.
The Witch living in the Demon Beast Forest――She lives alone in the Western Style Building surrounded by a ruined flower garden.
Occasionally, the traveler who happened to pass by the vicinity, there is an account that a voice was heard sobbing alone.
――Masked Medusa:Anastasia=Seere
The wall around the heart that she made――The person who can tear off the mask, at the present, has not appeared yet.

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