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Volume 01 – Episode 04: Body Remodeling

[TLN: Completed chapter, a bit of a rush. Since, there were no major school events so far. Next month, I will only release near the end of the month. A bit busy with stuff. I will probably release 2 chapters … Continue reading

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Volume 01 – Episode 03: Two Promises

[TLN: I say it is a side project, but as a procrastinator I am doing this more than the RPG maker ones. I have been busy with RL stuff, so I am not going to be able to release once … Continue reading

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Volume 01 – Episode 02: Voice

Chapter 2. enjoy

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Volume 01 – Episode 01: Syril of the Elf Village

If I feel like doing this, I will translate this. Sometimes, I will translate the RPG maker games, sometimes I feel like doing this. This is easier than RPG maker for sure, but I prioritize the RPG maker projects. I … Continue reading

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Volume 01 – Prologue: Reincarnation of the Magician

[TLN: Here is the prologue of Elf Tensei. I wont be dropping this, but this is a side project. My main ones right now are the two RPG maker games that are ahead on the list. Although It is much … Continue reading

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