Himekishi ga Classmate vol 1 ch 2

More experiments. Well in this chapter I decided to add a few things to improve how it is read to better give the feeling if you were actually reading the original and intuitively knew the language and all of the other meanings and ways to read the same thing. For example: Some words for sometimes I want to read to hear its original Japanese sounding as if there were ever an anime I left the as  its romanji in Red and the translation in blue and in parenthesis like this: Romanji(Translation) Although if it is on a name, I might just leave it in romanji. But since it is actually just a title added to their name, I haven’t really decided to standardize it yet. For techniques uses in the dialogue in this chapter I used Kanji romanji (Katakana romanji) TL: Literal translation of Kanji Katakana was originally in some type of overword directly on top of the Kanji and is usually the English word in Katakana, so conversion of that romanji engrish to English. I wont do this to all words that had overwords for terms since it sounds like crap if you read aloud the kanji. Only for the ones that sound super awesome reading the kanji aloud. The Katakana is how it is probably supposed to sound if there were an anime. If wordpress had better options, I would have the over words which look better. In the mean time, for this chapter on I will have my files saved on a word document that I may eventually compile into a pdf which may have a certain surprise once I buy the novel. I wont share that unless each person proves to me that they actually bought it. To protect myself, I do not advocate piracy and would suggest that you be legit and buy the actual novels. It is on pdf, so you dont have to worry about shipping, you can purchase and download it from DLsite an official vendor. if the translated pdf shows up on some other downloading sites, well nothing I can do about that and it wasn’t my fault *wink. Well enjoy.

02Story:The Fight, and the Conclusion

「That sort of……It is truly unexpected that you were、the mastermind behind the serial missing persons case……!」

Himeno Kirika, no Himekishi(Princess Knight) Kirika was indeed surprised。

Rather than the tip of the Knight Sword pointing straight, it trembled ever so slightly。

But, this encounter was unforseen for me as well。

My lower back which had reflexively rose up from the stone throne, had slowly sat back down。

「You must be surprised, a reunion to a former classmate like this for the first time, I as well」

「Yes……it would never have been expected, not this soon」

This different world could be assumed to be not much different in size compared to Earth, and riding on that bus that day were only 20 people。

If every reincarnation destination is random, it would mean that on the same continent there would only be a very small amount of us in the demographics。

With the exception of magic, this world’s level of communication and travel should be at the Middle Ages。

It wouldn’t be strange to never meet each other for the rest of our lives。

Much less, barely even a month after our “Reincarnation”。

「But, more than being surprised by it。 ……Odamori-kun, the fact that you are dyeing your hands in such dark deeds」

Her voice,  it was tinged more with sadness than with anger。 In fact, I somehow felt annoyed by it。

「Haa, did the honor student Himeno-san really come all the way to a different world to preach。

Moreover a class representative into a Knight of the Royal Capital。

Like such a good little child, you never change」

「Odamori-kun, you……have changed。Though you were never a person with such condescending eyes」

「Huh? What do you even know about me」

It was so ridiculous, a strange laugh came out。

Really, even though you never paid attention to me before。

Except for that one time, there was never a time a conversation was held。

「I haven’t changed。After coming here, I finally realized what I wanted to do, and for that reason I used the power I obtained」

「The power of Slavemancer……A legendary Forbidden art that is said to be able to control the minds of people and turn them into slaves?」

I believed it to be imposible but, My job is known。

Then that would mean, that countermeasures may have been created before coming here。

I have to come up with a plan while, I continue the conversation to stall for time。

「This conversation will go a lot quicker since you already know of it。What any Healthy High School boy would do if they were to obtain such power, even the serious Himeno-san can imagine it right?」

「Tha, That……!」

The sound of her gasping was heard。

Although it cannot be seen clearly since the lighting in the chamber is dim, without a doubt she is blushing。

「Yes, it is probably exactly as you are imagining now。No, Himeno-san probably doesn’t know, can’t even begin to imagine what I have done……to the villager girls, and to the female Adventurers right」

「St, Stop it! Why!」

Asking why was such a cruel thing done, and yet with the intention to denounce it。 It is so ridiculously laughable。

「You’ll never be able to understand, the naturally blessed Himeno-san will never understand what I feel。Moreover ever since we arrived here……Princess Knight, was it? Naturally of course it is a rare job」

Her figure from top to bottom, was staringly gazed upon。

The light armor only protects the most basic of vital areas of the body, looking closely the style was decorated in laces and frills。

At the base of the neck was something like a ribbon, if I had to guess it was some type of uniform, there was a polite mini-skirt and white tights securing the absolute area。

It would be absolutely impossible during the Middle Ages of Earth, there is a limit to how unrealistic an outfit could be。

「Moreover such an otaku like hobby is very abnormal for Himeno-san, something like cosplaying……make it clearer if you are a Princess or a Knight」

「Su, Such a thing as nothing to do with this!」

While watching her react to my deliberate teasing, I clicked my tongue in my mind。

From the slightest movements a light can be seen, her armor must be a special Artifact……it is certainly a magically enhanced armor。

Most likely, there is probably a High Anti-Magic Ability。

Not only that。

The details of the Princess Knight job are unknown, but almost without a doubt the Job originally has a High magic resistance。

Breaking through with not even a single scratch from the Cave’s Magic traps, and also having come to subjugate a magician independently, no other reasonable explanation would work。

……What this is, it is an absolute nuisance。

Because of the subordination magic of Slavemancer, the effective time of the domination power has everlasting strength but on the other-hand, the effects are weaker on targets with a high magic resistance so there would be a need to be at a much closer distance for an unbroken and long period of time。

And most probably, she wont give me such a chance。

「This is the last warning。Will you obediently surrender, or not?」

「What kind of fool would abandon a game where they are sure to win」

I see then, though that is too bad……she muttered and then, the Princess Knight closed the distance in an instant。

The speed was faster than expected。

My reflexes itself is, not of great difference between this and the original world。

Normally that is, there would be nothing but defeat right there……However。


A metallic sound rings with a gaiin~–, the Knight sword was halted by a large shield。 Hidden in the shadow of the stone seat was a Female Warrior, guarding me。

Be that as it may, how extraordinarily gentle to attack with the back part of the sword and try to not kill me。

「A slave……!」

With hollow eyes the Former Adventurer protected me, Kirika stared in surprise。

To that opportunity, I completed the aria by means of a high speed language。

Holographic formed green lights, started to encircle around Kirika’s black hair。

「Kuu~–!? h, head feels dizzy……!」

In a panic, she jumped backwards to separate to a distance。

As orders were given in advance the magically enslaved Female Warrior, continued the guard pose silently。

「As expected of the high resistance。A progress level of approximately only a mere 5% is it。 Oh well, though each use will only be an addition to it」

It is not necessary to defeat an opponent。

Because if a chance was given to cast the slavery magic then it will be a victory。

Therefore the devotion towards defense, that is in fact my whole strategy。

Also the shield’s defensive capability, it was diligently reinforced magically by the Sorceress’s enchantments。

「It was though through, Odamori-kun。No, Slavemancer……But」

From 5m of distance away, the Knight sword was lifted to a height above the shoulder and poised horizontally。

What in the world is she doing from that distance……?

「Come to our noble sword, Evil Vanquishing Divine Light!

Seikiha Bakutouha(Brilliant・Burst) TL:Holy Light Explosion Wave ~–!!」

A deep crimson maryoku converged on the blade of the sword……and then a violently rushing torrent was unleashed。

A flash illuminates the chamber, bursting open was an impact far stronger than any fire element magic。

Together with the shield, the magically enslaved female warrior was blown towards the wall and unable to move。

「That was surprising……That there was an amazing magic sword technique。That must be a Princess Knight’s skill」

「Yes it is。And this technique is for Evil people, it displays greater destructive power on people with corrupt hearts。It looks like its effects on your Magic Slave is immediate」

I am aimed at now that the guard is gone, Kirika drops the sword to her waist again。

With a step away from the range of my magic, it is probably planned for it to end in one quick blow。

「Your shield is no more。I am sorry but, this ends here」

「Oh, it apparently seems so」

She steps to close the distance。

Simultaneously I snapped my fingers。

The Sorceress emerged from a door in the interior of the room and a high speed chant was started。

Even though it was noticed, Kirika made no changes to her movement。

Magic almost has no effect on herself anyhow, if she were to defeat me then naturally she would ignore it。

However……That was also all according to my plans。


The Knight sword was swung, it penetrated my body in vain。

「This is a, mirror image!?」

「Correct Answer」

As for the location of the True me,  it was a step and a half behind diagonally。

Even with High Magic Resistance,『Magic Placed on Others』could not be seen through。

Since the trick was not found out, the slave from the beginning, had been made to protect the fake me。

And then, she took a step into the place where my mirror image stood……。

「It can’t be, A pitfall ……!?」

The Princess Knight-sama’s body, idiotically falls down a 1.5m vertical pit。

It had been prepared since the time the cave was made into a base, an extremely primitive device。

But, unlike magic traps, magic resistance and the sensing of magic has nothing to do with it。

Needless to say, she would soon be able to quickly escape from it using her excellent physical abilities。

Therefore, it is the time for the turn of the magic the Sorceress slave casted。 Gachan, Iron bars with a gap no greater than 3cm appeared and, from above Kirika was sealed in。

Teleport Object……with the short range transfer magic, it was fitted into the hole and sealed it instantly。

「No way……such a trick~……!」

「As expected of Princess Knight-sama, you truly did cause me a lot of grief。 But, since you have been captured in confining space, you can’t properly use the sword technique that you used a while ago, isn’t that right?」

The time it takes to break free from the iron bars, no matter how much you would hurry it would take at least a few minutes。

In the meantime, I get closer to complete the incantation with leisure 。

She……The Princess Knight Kirika, former classmate Himeno Kirika, became my slave through a magic spell。

※   ※   ※

Slavemancer Tooru
JOB: Slavemancer LV6
SKILL: 【Subordination Magic LV5】 ???
Princess Knight Kirika
JOB: Princess Knight LV5
SKILL: 【Holy Knight Sword Technique LV3】【Magic Resistance LV2】 ???


Next time, an H Scene enters。

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