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teaser ch1

Tentative Novel Updates page Oh yeah, I don’t do projects. Not a series pick up. Just a teaser. Too busy with my own reading and gaming. =============================

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Great Nation Chapter 4

Novel Updates table of context/ release page This series is known as The Great Nation Remodeling of Reincarnated Princess ~Let’s Build an Unrivaled Country~ I prefer to read most things in Romanji. The romanji title is Tensei Oujo no Kokka … Continue reading

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Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho chapter 6

Got an issue with the chapter? Feel free to take it and publish it yourself after fixing it yourself. I am in no way taking this up as a project. This chapter from this series is merely a one time … Continue reading

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Himekishi ch4 NSFW

A lot of multitasking. Some test runs of the games. Catching up on my reading of the many other novel series out there. Gotta travel for a bit to take care of some RL stuff. It is too bad I … Continue reading

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elf tensei vol 1 ch 11

Well here you go. Time to work on Himekishi now. Burns are manageable now. I don’t really type with my right hand anyways. I will also be working on one of the RPGmaker games. Seriously that program works wonders. If … Continue reading

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Himekishi ga Classmate vol 1 ch 3

I left a lot of (iya, yada, kirai, etc.) type words because it turns me on more if I left it as romanji and it basically sounds better. I will mix it up sometimes so it doesn’t get stale. I … Continue reading

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Himekishi ga Classmate vol 1 ch 2

More experiments. Well in this chapter I decided to add a few things to improve how it is read to better give the feeling if you were actually reading the original and intuitively knew the language and all of the other … Continue reading

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My Classmate is a Princess Knight Volume 1 Chapter 1

  So I just learned that the VN of Kuroinu is going to be released by MangaGamer. I would have had this sooner, but WordPress is weird and I spent several hours trying to add these over words on top … Continue reading

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Episode 10 :Kuīro ●

I was playing the Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG trial. Good stuff. Like I said before, I will resume RPG maker projects after volume 1 of Elf Tensei is translated by me. But I might get some time in on those … Continue reading

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Metal Hagure chapter 10

Series has essentially ended as far as I know. Metal Hagure Saikyou Densetsu ~Status bug Shoutai de Isekai trip shitara Musou datta ken~ HP1 kara hajimeru isekai musou

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