Volume 01 – Episode 02: Voice

Chapter 2. enjoy

Episode 02: Voice

「Hey are you alright, kid」

However, the fist was caught by the right hand that had been grabbing Lucie’s breast, then it went stretched straight towards my solar plexus and struck the wind out of me.


The sound that came from my mouth was as if a frog had been crushed.
Involuntarily I dropped to my knees, forcing all of my will power to raise my neck and face upward, I saw the Captain laughed as if nothing had happened.

「Poor little elf, what are you going to do with such a scrawny body? Huh?」

Emasculating words that strike intuitively are spewed out. I could not refute them.
The man had a tough body that was trained to have a gigantic figure that was in the latter half of 180 cm. The arms are like logs.
But with my trained body at 160 cm, in comparison they are thin lines.
The present state of crawling awkwardly is shown to all.

「I see. Don’t panic, because I’ll also take you.」
「Why Syril? I thought the quota was only three people. I am the third person, aren’t I?」
「This fool rushed at me, it would be regrettable to kill since you are so pretty. Because I have decided to make you my woman, too, though there is already another person as well」

Lucie’s expression was stained in despair.

「Hey Hey, so is this guy important. Then, If you choose a substitute, I will save this fellow, instead of having this guy die. Of course, you are free to choose yourself?」
「That sort of, Choosing another person, I cannot do it.」
「Then it is inevitable」

The man’s laughter resounded in my head.
The gentle Lucie can even sacrifice herself, so it is not possible to sacrifice someone else.
But for me, I was desperately suffered, suffered and cried.
Somehow I want to do something, but it is impossible to win in a hand to hand struggle.

Then, there is only magic. The magical power of Elves far surpasses any Human.
While constructing a Magic Formula, Internal magic<<odo>> was activated, it connects to the magic power <<mana>>of the natural world


A Strong Headache, a terrible noise sounded in my head, the magic formula I was trying to form as disappearing.
The magic power that I was building up was losing its flow.
The magician killing function applied to the neck was operating perfectly. I can reject it if I exert more of my will and energy. Such luck has not come to pass at all.

「Are you an idiot?」

Simultaneously as he said that, that guy kicked up and his foot struck my chin.
I lie on my back in disgrace.

「I’m done, it is time to sleep. I can’t do anything with these thin arms. To begin with we are just livestock, what can a powerless elf deprived of magic do? It is too bothersome to move anymore.」

Power and Magic, everything is lacking. I shed tears from such overwhelming misery. The first time I have felt such feelings.
If only I had more power…….

『Then stop averting your eyes. Confront your inner self. There is power. Fortunately, this new body is excellent. It has very good eyes. Wonder how you can see that fellow’s attacks? Then you should be able to trace the movements that were carved into the soul. I’ll show you This is yours and mine, Our Power!』

The voice in my head shouted, a sense of combat techniques has a feeling of knowledge jumping over from the body that had been stained by the experience.
Until now, I had always been rejecting this sense.
However, I cannot defy it any longer. If power can be obtained, I would even sell my soul to the devil.
I am being rewritten and changed. There, is no fear there. It seems like I am returning to my original self.
I rose up with an unnatural movement like seemed mechanical from a posture that was facing upward instantly.

「What the you Motherfucker, what is up with that unpleasant movement, were you beaten so much that you’ve gone crazy?」

Ignoring the voice of the Captain, both of my hands, I clenched them three times to mend them, it flies lightly. And then, I lightly turn my arms and legs.

Thoughts become clear. The field of vision spreads out.
A myriad of information flows to the head.

Negligible magic interference occurs. Noise pattern analysis is complete. Small scale magic is now usable without any hindrance.
Physical body information scan by magic, A body and error revision in memory. Adjustment completed. On the part for body performance where skills cannot be reproduced from thought, it is temporarily frozen. I build the most suitable pattern on top of the reflex conditioning without a thought.
Check Process All Clear.
Enemy Forces Evaluation. Very minimal disturbance.

I smiled, only to see Lucie with her jaw dropped.

「Lucie, Thank you for your troubles. However, it is going to be alright. I wont let them take Lucie, and it is not my intention to die either. I will come help immediately, wait there.」
「Please stop. It is impossible. Syril will die.」
「Don’t worry. I’ll be safe, Therefore, you shouldn’t cry.」

Lucie is crying. I must stop you from crying as soon as possible.
Words will not do. It is necessary to remove the cause of the crying.
To that end, this guy is in the way.

「Human. You are the reason Lucie is crying, therefore DIE」

Physical damage was not small. A reduction to physical performance due to a mild concussion and damage to the abdomen.
But, so what? With this degree of opponents, even if I had broken hands and feet I would not show defeat.

「Houu, how cocky. I will make you regret this. I will pull out your heart in this place.」

I make an exaggerated motion and am about to hit the right hand.
I see it. Not only sight, sound, smell, and air touches the skin. All necessary information is provided.
The body does without permission.

In close combat, it is time that becomes the most important factor.
0 tenth of a second or less of continuous judgment in the world, I don’t have time to run a proper thought.
Therefore, fundamental motion is turned into unconscious action by training….it is reflected.
Normally, the field that cannot be supplemented with memory and knowledge, it is carved into my body with magic power. Movement is set and continually optimized by magic. My body only turns into a machine to reproduce it.

While giving a groaning voice, the fist that is attacking cuts the sky as it passes by. In return, the fist I was projecting struck the face of the Captain. The feeling of the bones in the nose being crushed and broken.
And the Gigantic figure that exceeds 180 cm is flashily blown away.

「I~tsu ide e」

While holding the nose, the captain has a stream of blood flowing out from it.
This much power is not born from my muscular strength. However, having it overturned, a cross counter using the power of the other party. And another thing, each muscle fiber one by one executed a synchronization of kinetic energy without loss by magic.

「Did you go easy」

I gently patted the right fist that had a dull pain. It should be impossible to come back from that blow and he would have been incapacitated by that single blow if he weren’t going easy. However, a program seems to have determined the level to hold back so that the fist did not break.
I must make modifications later. Even if the fists break, it was necessary here.

「Kill this bastard!」

The Captain put on a helmet and gauntlets that had fallen to the ground, and even equipped a thick two handed sword.
And then, he blindly flails the two-handed sword.

I took out a small work knife and readied it in an under-hand pose.
The Captain could be felt laughing under that helmet.
Certainly so. The moment the two-handed sword was received by the knife, my body felt like breaking. This blade will not go through a man wearing armor from head to toe.

I dodged the first side-sweep with a back step and twisted my body for a second down stroke, The blade was flung to the ground as it shakes.
Tremendous muscle strength. Likely from a simple strengthening magic.

However, it is full of weaknesses. Had I a proper weapon, that would have been the chance to kill him five times over.
Afterwards it was followed by a continuous attack, it cannot be evaded, so I received it with the knife. Of course, It would have been over had it been received normally. I sink it down, diverting it, and take the power from the opponent to win. Soft defense. Adjusting the power, angle, timing, if either of these were even slightly off, not only my arm but also my weapon would be crushed, and I would be ruthlessly cut down.
Without even a millimeter of error, I handle the timing of the moment precisely.
There is no fear. Some thing of this degree is only natural.

「Hey Hey, what are you trying to accomplish by only running away」

The Captain said while irritated and out of breath. Even though he is trying to provoke me, his rough breathing ruins everything.

「No, it will be over soon.」
「Say what」

Due to fatigue, he fails to raise the sword half way above his waist. So he doesn’t have the power to stop a down stroke, what a bargain.
The ideal angle for me. I was waiting for this.
I received the sword with the tip of the knife. The tip is broken, the debris from the blade is sparking in the air. I accelerated my body with a single rotation and with a flick of the handle, the knife flies.
The target was the face of the Captain protected by a full-faced helmet.
The slit, which was so narrow that even the blade of the previous knife would not pass, gradually sucks in the debris that flickered with light and gouged both eyes.


I kicked the writhing Captain and took the two-handed sword.
A blinded man isn’t anything fierce. With this he is completely powerless.

「Lucie, are you alright?」

I rush back to Lucie’s side to protect her.

「I am alright….But」

As Lucie speaks, I turned to where the murderous intent at me, towards the eyes of the soldiers.
Until a while ago, the audience watching believed that the Captain would one-sidedly slaughter me, now they grow agitated and have even begun to ready their bows.

「Hey shitty Humans. That bow, just try and shoot it. If you wish to die.」

When I made such a cheap provocation, the soldiers lose their composure and their faces become bright red.

「This brat!」
「When did he get so good.」

Three of the four soldiers have begun to pull back the bowstring.

「I am advising you.」

However the arrow suddenly stops before reaching me and then pierces the palms and fingers, the owner unable to hold his fingers lets out a scream.
What I just used just now was Wind Magic.
The collar as usual continues to emit a noise.

There are two methods to neutralize this.
One is, to use small-scale magic to the extent that the collar wont respond. For instance, Taijutsu Programming magic, because magic use is extremely small, magic is not leaked out of the body, and the collar did not react.
And, secondly is that if noise is generated every time, I should just make a magic formula that incorporates that noise as well.
Delicate work that would not have been easily performed had I been a normal person.


Meanwhile, the man who had been the sole person without a bow came charging with a sword.
I dodged it without any possibility of danger and raised the two-handed sword which I took from the Captain, brandishing it with a lowered stance.
With the utmost amount of my strength, the huge sword makes a sharp blow powered by spinning motion of my entire body.

A blow that pierces and breaks through the armor, armor that was at a quality that was far inferior in comparison to the former Captain, and then pierces the stomach.
I didn’t pull out the sword that sunk deep into the armor until I confirmed it was a mortal wound, and then after that I quickly ran towards the man who is still trying to pull the arrow stuck to him.
In a panic, he frantically discarded the bow with a frightened face and held a sword.
But, he was helplessly too late.

「I will let no one escape. This is total annihilation!」

I cannot afford to let a single person get away. It would be troublesome if allies were called.
Even if I slaughter all of these guys, if they don’t return, first and foremost this village will be suspected, and a person will be dispatched to investigate, I want to buy more time, even if it is only a little.
I smiled with a facial expression like a beast as I rushed forward.

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