Volume 01 – Episode 01: Syril of the Elf Village

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Episode 01: Syril of the Elf Village

I hate this village.
I thought that while cooling off in the shade.

「It’s no good when you are truant. Syril.」

Then, one girl warned with her hands on her hips.
About 150 cm tall. A beautiful girl with golden hair that has the quirk of giving off a luster, and characteristic blue eyes. The breasts could probably fit in the palm of my hand, but that has its own appeal too.
Given that the age of 14 years, there may still be room to grow, I guess.
The name of that girl is Lucie. She is the daughter of the house that is letting me freeload. The wind blows to her head as the Onee-san since I was born three months slower.

「Isn’t it nice, that everything is taken by them even if I do my best.」

I muttered while stroking my ears which are slightly longer than a human’s, a trait common to the elves.
Here in the elf village which is dominated by the Humans, the population is only as few as 200.

In the olden days, hunting was free to indulge in, even I who had obtained the blessings of nature in the forest am made to obey by the military power by force and to pay taxes by raising specific crops by the humans.

And most of the crops grew up into harvest season, but….most importantly I am robbed of companions.
I would be killed if I ran from the village. No longer is it possible to return to the olden days.

「So, why not work hard. Even with bad harvests, those guys take a fixed quantity. And when we don’t produce much, we starve and die.」
「I believe it might be better elsewhere! even if we risk death」
「I’ll get angry Syril!」
「Well I am not wrong. My heart feels like it is hollowing out while living here. I even saw it last week! They were sent in front of us deliberately!」

It is not only crops that the Humans deprive of us.
We are even deprived of our lives.
When the beating heart of a still living Elf is taken out, it becomes a powerful magic crystal.

Humans can be particularly cruel, we are not exterminated completely. During the collection of crops they kidnap 10 people and kill them by taking out their hearts.
I cannot sympathize with you at all. 10 people is the number that they take so that they maintain us without reducing us.
Each time, the elderly or the weak, helpless Elves that are judged to be too weak for manual labor become targets.
It is like we are treated as livestock.

「Syril. I said that I will get angry.」

At the same time as those words came a slap. In spite of the sound, there wasn’t much pain so she went easy.

「Even Rikka, even Lugana Obaa-chan and everyone else, I wanted them to live more. Still, I would not complain if I were sacrificed! Someone else would be sacrificed if I ran away. Nevertheless, we have survived, saying that you would rather die is wasting their sacrifice. You should run away if you can still make those remarks. Then the people who wanted to live can live!」

The words pierce my chest. I was insensitive. Some of the victims were Lucie’s grandmother and a younger sister whose body was weak.
The people who want to live should be able to live…..

「That’s right. I should become a candidate.」

I’m already a sorry unwelcoming with nothing to live for. As for being frightened by the uneasiness of being possibly being chosen during the next harvest season, I hear sobbing of everyone in the village.

「I’m sorry, I said too much. Even I did not want to bring up such topics. However, I want you to try your best. Shining like the eyes of the old Syril, I want you to someday say that you want to support this village.」

I looked at myself who was negligent as Lucie said sadly. The old me………………

「It’s impossible. I already gave up.」

Once next after my father who was a great Village Mayor, even I was enthusiastic to develop the village more.
Even I made an effort.
However, Five years ago, My father who fought against the Human invasion resisted until the very end. …..Many villagers that followed my Father also fell in great numbers.
Among them, were my mother and Lucie’s Parents.

I should have been able to prevent many deaths had I behaved myself. I have thought about it and seem it. I may be useless in this world. It is better to leave it to chance.

With Lucie’s grandmother acting as the substitute for my parent and raised me, even if I had behaved I would not have been able to change the fact that Lucie’s sister Rikka was killed.
I was Sad and Frustrated. I almost went mad with anger. Still, I fear I may lose Lucie should I take action.

「I believe in Syril. Syril is number one with the bow and magic, the kindest person of all, and the one we admire the most.」
「What is there to believe in」
「Someday, when Syril becomes an adult, you will save this village.」

I smiled wryly.
Such a thing is not possible.
Certainly, I may be a little better than most people. However, in the place should I actually fight seriously, 4 to 5 soldiers would be killed, but I cannot imagine a figure ten times that.
No even that would be very difficult.
I patted the silver collar around my neck. A disgusting magic tool that interferes when I try to invoke magic. This is attached to all villagers.
Although I could remove it with a tool, if it is not reattached, I would be killed if it is found to have been removed.
I am powerless to do anything about it.

『Is that really so? Am I an existence only on that level?』

A voice similar to one’s own was heard in my head.

「Syril, you okay?”
「What. It is nothing.”

Lucie supports me who has been feeling lightheaded.
Again, that voice.
With growth, the voice started to come from my head.
For some reason, it becomes easier to use my body whenever the voice grows, The power of Magic strengthens too.

「Come on Lucie. Let’s return to work soon. As expected, being truant for longer than this might be bad, it is my belief that one should only skip out on work to the point where no one would be angry.”
「Then work at your best so that I don’t need to get angry.”
「Can’t do it. Lucie has too much faith in me.”
「If you don’t work hard, you wont be able to do your best in emergencies. Because Syril can do anything.”

A carefree smile. There was so much confidence in me.
It hurts my chest. Every time this smile is seen, it makes me want to do something.
I drop my head in hopeless despair. To my lack of power.
Even though I desperately tried to give up because I don’t want to taste this feeling. Lucie will not permit it.

『Should you really give up? But, you aren’t actually scared are you? I hate making excuses for being weak, just closing your eyes. However, I will not wait for the circumstances, If you will not prepared to end this, you will lose the one most important to you.』

Shut up! This voice is growing larger in my head. The magic power flowing inside my body is restless.
The senses in my body are changing. It is different, but it doesn’t change. I have come back. In the way I should be.

「Syril, your face is a little blue. Are you really okay?”
「I have said that I was alright! So persistent, Lucie. Now, let’s hurry up.”

I took Lucie’s hand and I started pacing forward.
I had to be in physical contact with her by all measures. The voice in my head said that I will lose the things most important to me. When I heard that, the first thing that appeared to me was Lucie’s smile.

The two of us arrived at the wheat field.
We are already at the age where elves had to work.

「You guys are late.」
「One of your side-dishes will be confiscated from your lunch as punishment. Lucie is too nice. All was because of Syril’s fault anyways.」

Rick is a mischievous boy, Judy is a rustic looking girl with freckles, both of them are our childhood friends.

「I was bad. but please spare my meal. That is the only thing I have to look forward to.」

While I said that joke, I entered the field with farm tools.
At that moment. The sound of horse hooves were heard.
Everyone in this place became stiff.

Only the Humans ride here on horseback.
Not only us, but the party in the field next to us became stiff.
The Human beings that govern this village came.
Two Human Men were on a large horse drawn carriage pulled by two horses, and three other humans on horseback.
Strong Looking soldiers wearing full body armor.

「Listen well all of you livestock. We will be doing additional collections! For the moment, Because I sold too much at the black market, I am short three magic stones. I don’t have the time to properly choose.」

It is a voice that was leaking out unreasonable words like the rest.
These guys have the job to collect the appropriate amount of wheat and magic stone.

To take kill more of us than the normal quota and take magic stones because they sold more of it off are their present words. And the quota was not met because of their greed. Furthermore, the only reason they are killing us is to get magic stones.

What is with this unreasonableness? Can we continue to tolerate such injustice?

「Captain, Let’s take the three nearest ones since it is a hassle.」
「You’re right. That would be perfect.」

The one on the carriage said so.
Then five soldiers formed a group and began walking towards us.
But of course. It is because we are at the field closer to the outskirts of the village.


One familiar person, Rick turned his back and ran away.
However, a knife that tinged of light silver flew and pierced his back. Then Rick fell with the knife still sticking from his back.

「First of all, that person will be the first we secure.」

The man who was called the Captain threw it. It was thrown accurately so that he would not die when removed.

「And the second person is」

As he said so, he took the arm of Judy.
Even I was a bit relieved that it was neither Lucie or I,
But, another person still has to be chosen. I pray that it is me…..

「and you.」

The man who was called the Captain stretched his hand out to me.
I am glad. Lucie is safe.

「Wait! I will go.」

While I was feeling relief, Lucie blocked the hands of the man who was called the Captain.

「There only needs to be three people right? I’ll go.」

She says so in order to protect me.

「Ha Ha Ha, what a guy, to be protected by a woman.」

The underling soldier lets out a loud laugh.
My face was bright red with shame and mortification. I clenched my fists so tightly that it shakes.

「Well it’s fine. Don’t cry, I am sacrificing myself as someone who loves you.」

The Captain purposely took off his helmet and gloves then made a grab at Lucie’s breast while expressively licking her cheek.
Lucie glares at the Captain without blinking.
Her shoulders are trembling. Feet are shaking. But she desperately tried to confront it with her small body.

「If I take you quickly, maybe I will make my quota in time?」

The appearance of Lucie, it overlaps with the High Elf girl that was engraved in the depths of my soul.
A scene that was burned into my eyes, even though I have never seen it before.
The brightness of a girl deeply in love.

「I believe that Syril will be able to hold on even if I am no longer home.」

Compared to the enemy that High Elf girl stood against, soldiers of these numbers and caliber wouldn’t even compare. However, the courage need for Lucie to issue a voice to protect me was in no way inferior.

The light that Lucie emits, I want to protect it, I want to see it for a long time by its side….I thought so.

「Take your dirty hands off of her!!!」

I clenched my shaking fist and struck.

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