Volume 01 – Episode 03: Two Promises

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Episode 03: Two Promises

After five minutes, All of the soldiers except for the Captain were slaughtered. The Captain was still holding his head and tumbling, Complete blindness. Never again will he see the light.

For the first time to have murdered another person, there isn’t even a sense of guilt.
There is something wrong, to be so accustomed to murder.
After accepting the voice, I have knowledge that I shouldn’t have known, memory fragments begin to flow. They feel like they have always belonged to me.

「Someone, bring me some alcohol, preferably with the highest content! No wait a minute, no one in the village use it. I smell strong distilled liquor from the soldiers’ horse-drawn carriage. Bring it to me!」

While I raised my voice and shouted, I rushed over to where Rick was, who still had a knife stuck to his back.
Rick had been hit by a throwing knife from behind in his attempt to escape.

「Needless interference!」

I poured magic power into the collar, by overloading it the magic formula engraved was destroyed.
With this, it will no longer be possible for it to generate a noise again.
Lucie comes rushing with the distilled liquor when I was checking the wound.

Analyzing the components with magic, Alcohol content is over 50%. Magic was then activated to blow away the water and the content was raised to 80%. At least 70% content is required for sterilization.

「Rick, it is going to hurt. Be a man and endure it.」
「Hey Syril, what do you intend to do with that sake?」

A vital point was not hit so he will not die and bleeding is small enough that he can afford to talk.

「Be silent, and open your mouth.」

While I said so, an empty hemp sack was removed from his pocket and stuffed into Rick’s mouth.
And then, The knife stuck to his back was quickly pulled out, and alcohol was poured.


Rick screamed with a muffled voice.
The hemp bag was put in his mouth so that he wouldn’t bite off his tongue.
And after cleaning and disinfecting the wound at the same time, I placed a hand to the wound.


I activated healing.
This is magic that strengthens the self-healing power to the utmost limit.
Hence, contaminated foreign bodies mixed into the wound or inadequate disinfection would be catastrophic.

Supposedly rather than a strengthening of self-healing, rewinding the time of the injury could be done in an instant, but the necessary magic to reverse it without any special preparations would require several stages more magic power to be consumed.

「Yes, it is done. with this you should be alright.」

I said so while slapping Rick’s back.

「The, wound, there is no pain, it’s a lie, it is completely healed. Syril, you are amazing. That Recovery magic, it is thought that only saints could use.」
「That is because I am a genius.」

Somehow, while I dreamt, the favorite phrase that I tried to desperately hide had suddenly come out.

「Hey, why did you do something so dangerous?」

Lucie, who had come to my side, asked.

「I wanted to protect Lucie.」
「I would have been fine as lone as Syril survived.」
「I would have hated that. It is no good unless Lucie were with me. Before I noticed it, I struck him.」

There were practically no chance of success. If it weren’t for that voice, I would have died.
Now I am only laughing at the afterthought.
Though it would probably have been better had I died, rather than let Lucie died and survive on my own.

「Somehow, you seem like the old Syril.」
「The old me……Is that the one Lucie likes?」
「Yeah, I don’t want to see Syril that has given up and broken.」
「Alright, I understand.」 I will save our village! Free us from Human hands. In any other case it would be checkmate for us.

I had a bitter smile as I looked around to the villagers surrounding us.
In their eyes, I see about 30 percent who were in rejoice of a friend has survived, the rest have anger towards me.

Meanwhile, a man in his late 40s with some gray hair mixed in the back of his head dashes out. It is the current Village Chief Nije.
A hostile facial expression.

「Tell me what you did, Syril. Killing the soldiers, not this village will look like it caused a revolt. 」

The words that I expected him to say came out.
If the soldiers who came to collect the tax did not return, they would definitely suspect something about this village. And soon the truth of what I have done will be revealed.
And, they would believe a revolt is occurring.
However, I don’t intend to merely live in fear.

「A Revolt? Wouldn’t that be nice. If only crops are taken away, it would have been fine. However, each year a companion is taken away from us, remaining silent is far more unusual. We should fight. Take up your Bows, and stand proud.」
「It is said that your father fought and died. It wouldn’t make much of a difference to go on that road.」

It is already been set, it is a problem we can no longer run from.
Do they intend to follow this path forever. Therefore I have decided to no longer run away.

「My father failed. Why should you not expect me to fail as well? If it is me, it is possible. I can lead this village to victory.」
「You Brat! Such Nonsense!!」
「Fact is, I am the one who killed five people by myself. I can teach how to fight. To the extent that everyone will be able to do it. Therefore, wake up.」
「It is you who needs to wake up. To tell such a pipe dream.」

Pipe dream, it certainly seems so.
The Soldiers are strong, The full body mail armor can repel the elves’ bow shows, and elves are weak in close combat. Furthermore, The Wind Magic that elves specialize in is too light and has no killing power.
If it comes down to a fight, the distance will be cut down sooner or later and will become a blood bath.
“As it stand now”

「What if I prove that my dream isn’t just a dream. For now I will go two things to show you. First, I will resolve our food supply issues.」

Hearing my words, surrounding are bitter faces.
To tell the truth, this is the most pressing issue.

「As you already know, Cultivation of anything other than wheat is not allowed by us in the village by the Empire. Other essentials that we depend on are what they bring.」

These are the chains that bind our village.
Productivity is increased by forcing the concentration on a single crop, and at the same time binds this village to the Empire making us unable to survive on our own.

「It seems that there is about two moths worth in the village storehouse.」

Moreover, it is mostly wheat from the finished harvest and only when it reaches the required minimum do they send people to bring what the village needs.
In addition, Winter is also three months from now.
If I don’t take necessary measures, we will starve to death sooner or later. The winter in this world is severe, crops do not grow decently with snow piling up, even the blessings obtained from the forest is trifled. Although I can grow the crops myself, most likely, nothing can be harvested in the three months before winter comes.

「I have understood why Syril did such a thing! Although it only ended with the death of four people.」

The words strike with an awful feeling.

「Four people? Don’t divert your eyes! How many people have I killed so far? Since the rule of the Empire started five years ago, haven’t 10 people been murdered year? 50 people have already been murdered so far. If we don’t act now, there will continue to be more victims. What would you have wanted? I absolutely did not want to lose Lucie. Doesn’t everyone have an important person? Do you not want to protect them? Being deprived of important people, are you not mortified!?」

I fiercely raised my voice.
Many of the elves have their their heads drop down and shoulders shake with anger and grief.

「Still, it would be better than being wiped out.」
「So it shall be. Even your father Kuroettsu could not win.」
「There is no changing that. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t win.」

Words of resignation and grief.
However, hearing this I have understood. I am not able to convince everyone now.

「Please Listen to my words, and Believe I will bring victory. It is about the conversation about the food a while ago, I will attack the supply base and take the food !」

The best way to easily get food is to plunder.
And Logically there is no choice but to target the Supply Division of those guys if you think about the required quantity and quality.
From this village of Elves, The home country of those guys is about 220 Km. No matter how one may hurry by horse in heavy equipment and full mail 20 km to 30 km seems to be the movement distance in one day, that is why there are way stations. The existence of which has been confirmed to even the position when Father has fought them.

There is meaning for that terminal to be there, because several villages besides this elf village are ruled within the circumference of that center, along with personnel, a considerable amount of food is kept there.
I will strike there.
…..That place also doubles as a barrier at the same time, it is a fortress that would prevent revolts from these neighboring villages from reaching the home country. Both personnel and and equipment for defense is well in order.

「You fool, are you trying to die!」
「I will accomplish it. Therefore, I would like you to believe in the possibility. If by some chance I do not return, then in all frankness you should inform them that it was one person that did it all. Perhaps, my attack on the supply base will be faster than the investigation on the village. If I fail and get caught in the supply base then I will be dead. It should suffice to say that an idiot went out of control and became crazy.」

Probably, the village itself will not disappear if it says so. Because even those guys should want to have long term use without destroying the village that produces magic stones. Though a few penalties may be received, a fatal damage may not be suffered from.

「In that case, it would be better to catch you early on, so it can end without incurring their wrath.」
「Certainly so, but I don’t want to remain the slave of humans for my entire life. Would you be fine with that?」

I fearlessly laughed.
The village Chief laughs through his nose. Some of the villagers who saw my strength, look at me with some great expectations.

「And, the second one. The main reason for our loss in the previous conflict, it is the existence of the armor that these guys are wearing. One person after another person will die as the bow will do no damage without passing through. Therefore, I will create a weapon that can eliminate these guys with one blow that anyone can use. With that it will be possible to fight」
「Is there such a thing?」
「There is ! If you have weapons, their corpses will fall. It will look better once it penetrates the armor in front of everyone. I wont be the one that does it, Lucie will use the weapon that I made.」

Before, when fighting in order to reject human domination, we were defeated by the metal armor created by the development Imperial Steel making technology without being prepared.
As for how it easily repels a skillful bow, it is the worst affinity for elves.
Conversely, it is possible to fight if there is as weapon that could deal with the armor.
I made one, the villagers can be convinced of victory once they are shown where the armor is penetrated .
The weapon will have no impact if it were I who can even kill the enemy weaponless. Therefore, I let Lucie use it, so that the appeal that anyone can use will be shown.

「You may laugh at my words now like it is a delusional story. However, I want you to ascertain that the two cases I stated are possible. If it fails, I will not resist. You can tie me up and offer me to the Humans. Time is not over, I will take the food within five days, and then I will return to the village and make the weapon within five days. Will you not give me 10 days?」

Looking around my surroundings I see them watching me with puzzled expressions.
Though it is not possible to believe completely, about the statements, it is regrettable that I was unable to discard some of the circumstances at this place.
There is another method if you want, even if there is a chance it could be obtained…..

「I believe in Syril.」

Lucie’s voice echoes. The volume of the voice is normal rather than emotional. And yet, it was a gentle voice that affected the hearts of all.

「I want to see this dream together with Syril. I can’t stand this life as livestock anymore. No longer, important people, I do not want to lose any more companions, I don’t want to have any more family taken. I hate having my friends taken away. I don’t want to lose any more loved ones. One day, children will be born, and I would hate it for that child to be taken away. I want it to be commonplace that I can laugh with loved ones all the time I want like before.」

In the eyes of the villagers, dwells a swelling anger. Feelings covered by resignation are ignited in their hearts with the realization, a crack enters the illusion where sacrifice was thought the be only natural.
A mere just argument thrown by a girl. It pierces and moves the feelings around it.

「That is right, We are not livestock.」
「I would rather fight if I am going to die anyways」
「I can die if I can take revenge for that child.」

The Surroundings take on an air of heated excitement.
However, the Village Chief Nije with grim eyes opens his mouth.

「Calm down all of you! Lucie is surely right. However, it is not courageous to fight without any prospects of winning, that is just reckless! Nice going, Syril. Show me that you can do as you said. When you fail attacking the supply base and die, I will testify with all of the village that a fool murdered the soldiers and attacked the base. Even if you supposedly come back with success, if there isn’t the alleged weapons as thee says, you will be tied up and turned in as a traitor. Would you be fine with those conditions?」

「That was my intention from the beginning. However, once I accomplish it, Will you fight together?」

There was no answer.
However, the words speak from several eyes. We will fight together, then.

「……That would be agreeable. Do as you would like, but I decide whether we fight after looking at the weapons you speak of. Well, it seems like it will fail anyways.」

Thus, so begins my battle.

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