Jaryuu Tensei

Jaryuu Tensei ~Maou mo Yuusha mo Shunsatsudekiru Saikyou Seibutsu~

Evil Dragon Reincarnation – The Ultimate Creature that can defeat the Demon King and the Hero in the Blink of an eye.

Author: Seto Meguru
There was once a nameless man in Japan who was a corporate slave, one day he was slain in a terrible accident。But then he regained consciousness in another world to discover that he had become an Evil Dragon。He then had a thought。「Huh, I guess I don’t have to go to work anymore?」
Since neither the Demon King nor the Hero could compete with the Level of the Strongest Creature, he decided live a life of leisure and self indulgence。

  • Episode 1 Reincarnation from a No Good Salaryman
  • Episode 2 The Silver Dragon is Too Strong
  • Episode 3 Dragon Breath
  • Episode 4 It is full of S rank Monsters
  • Episode 5 Dark Knight of Death
  • Episode 6 Do you wish for pain……
  • Episode 7 Lets take a detour
  • Episode 8 Beautiful Female Warrior
  • Episode 9 Search for the culprit
  • Episode 10 To each their own way of life
  • Episode 11 Demon Sword and Tears
  • Episode 12 Arrival on the island, Iron Wyrm
  • Episode 13 Capture method of the Dungeon
  • Final Episode My Evil Dragon Life