Links will appear here for the data and game.ini files when the project is 100% done.

In order to incorporate the Translated version, you need to have the full game and the RGSS decrypter to extract the data folder and graphics folder. Move the extracted folders into the main game folder. Then extract the compressed zip files from the links into the main game folder. I guess I should include the game.ini file into the .zip file, since some may not know how to change it so that the game executable file will read from the data folders and not the compressed RGSS protected file. For some games I may have altered certain monsters to give a ton of EXP and Money, because there is no saved game editor for RPG Maker VX ACE or since the editor doesn’t alter non-standard values like ability points which some games incorporate into the game play.

R+18 [Need I say more]

Bitch JK in RPG – tba

Haru-uru Baishun – tba


19 Responses to Games

  1. Mala wi says:

    That means the translation soft is not complete yet right?


    • lygarx says:

      there is a lot of sifting through all of the events in every map. Some of the dialogue is completely retarded mostly due to it being a hentai. I am debating whether to translate the sex scenes at all. Most people skip them. Sometimes I take a break from it and do a chapter of a random web novel that other translators have abandoned.


      • Honey Top says:

        Really looking forward to both of them. Keep up the good work


      • Chris Christopher says:

        It’s up to you but it’d be a bit jarring to switch back and forth between English and Japanese in the middle of the game / dialogue.

        Haven’t seen the text so I can’t comment too well. Usually it’s only if a problem if the scenes are stretched out beyond imagination (Atelier games are a good example).


  2. Yukaras says:

    Officially one of my favorite translators now. My son has risen.


  3. Kazekid says:

    Are you still doing any work on Kunoichi Ryoujokuden Ajisai?


  4. Schion says:

    Hi,I want to ask if you’re interested in doing the translation of another RPGMaker game (after you’re done with your current projects of course) the one I have in mind is called Ariadne (do you know of it?) its already been translated but unfortunately the translator had to stop near the halfway point but has said he would welcome anyone else coming to try and translate it, here’s a link to the thread if you’re interested


  5. Riji says:

    You can use cheatengine to change the value of parameters in game . Games that is made using rpgmaker you have to get the value of the parameter and multiply is by 2 and add 1. For example if the experience points is 100 in the game you would input 201 in the cheatengine then kill some monster it would increase let say 120 . Input 241 then click next to narrow the results. Repeat until you certain it is the one.

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    • lygarx says:

      good to know, but since most of the games are still in Japanese I still have to use it to translate it. If there were a better tool for RPGmaker VX and VX ACE than the actual programs. Dreamaker only works for XP so far. If there were a tool better than Dreamaker that would be awesome.


  6. Anon7 says:

    Hmm I’m intrigued.

    Is there any screenshots of the said games your working on?


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