Episode 10 :Kuīro ●

I was playing the Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG trial. Good stuff. Like I said before, I will resume RPG maker projects after volume 1 of Elf Tensei is translated by me. But I might get some time in on those during X-mas time and get a few maps translated. Himekishi ga Classmate can be bought online and downloaded as a pdf from the many official sites the benefit of it being an 18+ novel and available on dlsite. If someone would help rip the text out for me in later volumes 2+ in the far future when I need them once I get the translations to that point, it would be great That would probably be something I will need in 2 years. You can forget this for now, you can help with this when the time comes raw providing and all. It seems that Elf Tensei main story will probably conclude after 6 volumes and a new series that will act as the sequel set 30 years later with the child of Syril as the protagonist. I will be translating that too, don’t worry. I probably wont release them until I finish Volume 6. Chronology and all. I will try to update the faqs and terminology page for elf tensei. I will mostly fill it with the magic spells he uses. After adding a note for its usage in the beginning in the chapter, you may look at it if you see a spell that is used and I had not added a note to what the actual meaning is and not the Romanji. I leave spells in their pronunciations because it looks better, and the spells are self explanatory when they are used since this author is awesome. Anyways, enjoy.

Episode 10 :Kuīro ●

Since Lucie had finished working the fields and came back, we had lunch together. Today, a few planning designs will be made, I went out to the forest in a place a bit away from the village.

Even if the harvest ends, it is to go to the field to facilitate next year’s planting.
The remaining roots in the soil is neatly removed and the land is leveled.
The seeds can be sown immediately after the arrival of spring, it is necessary since when winter comes the snow will pile up and proper work cannot be carried out.

It has cleared up well, the wind is blowing and it feels pleasant.
Lucie, though sitting down on the grass, had a maple leaf land on top of her head and because of this I laughed reflexively.

「Lucie, there is a leaf on your head」

「Oh, it’s true. The Maple Leaf is yellow. Is it the beginning of Autumn already」
「You are correct. And winter will be coming soon」

Lucie with a little reluctance released the maple leaf from her hand.
And then from an open mouth a small sigh was let out.

「The recent Syril being seen, I keep being surprised. Indeed, the work of a doctor is really possible too. Even if working in the fields, rumors of Syril are heard. The arm of the most rowdy of the village, Roelou, restored as good as new. Renatsu-san’s son who had a fatal disease was cured with surprising swiftness」
「Because it is easy treatment. That is about how it is」
「If it is the current Syril, any illness or injury could be cured」

Because Lucie said it with a serious face, I smiled wryly.
Even I am not omnipotent.

「There are plenty that can’t be cured. For example, the viral illnesses that the body’s immune system wont work against would be impossible no matter how much the struggle is. The treatment of the eyes, or loss of a body are hopeless. It is helpless when a broken bone has a complicated fracture. Fibers that are completely stretched and snapped can’t be restored. Cancer can never be cured. That is a cell mutation. And severe burns should be given up on」

Basically with my magic which only strengthens self recovery ability, is the reinforcement of the autoimmune function.
A simple wound and a simple fracture can be cured, the body’s immunity can even expel a virus like the common cold or flu, besides that would be impossible.
Because I have knowledge to some extent, and because of that something must be prepared in order to expand the range of feasible medical treatments, even so there is a limit to it.

「It is too difficult to understand what Syril means」
「gomen, gomen, but I don’t think I can cure everything. Therefore, You have to take care during daily life so as to not get sick」

Lucie looking puzzled tilted her head to the side, I said so with a cheerful smile.

「Apart from that, how is today’s lunch?」

So as to not let it cool, the cuisine was expressly put in an earthenware pot to be served in a deep dish and passed to Lucie.
Because of deciding to eat outside on a whim, each pot that we had was prepared just yesterday, no choice but to carry it here.

「It is wonderful and very delicious. This is done the first time. What dish is this?」
「It is called Suiton soup. The dish is merely a soup with loosened wheat flour and the thin liquid produced by the deer dashi 」

I also took some of the venison that was brought back home and broiled it.
According to Lucie, since it is the game I personally captured, just barely there are no moral violations that were made.
Also, it is a secret to Lucie, crops which may be discarded by the village mayor if discovered, only two wooden crates worth were pilfered. This is the hope of the village.

「Monyu Monyu, The food texture is a mystery. The flavor of the soup tastes good. Yeah, the suiton soup is good. It is delicious, and above all it is a conservative way to use flour」
「Well, I noticed that there. It is important to properly use wheat and salt」

The suiton soup, because it wheat diluted with water, it will fill the stomach with a small amount. The soup is well matched and though it has light seasoning, it is very satisfactory.

Today’s suiton soup, not to mention the wheat, but the salt was also was skimped on quite considerably.

The Soup Stock comes out well with the deer bone and also partly from the mountain vegetables that were stewed together, wheat was poured in and suiton soup is made.
The seasoning is quite plain. Though it is a taste that can be eaten well in its own way thanks to the Deer soup stock and wild herbs, since the saltiness isn’t sufficient it isn’t completely satisfactory.

「Lucie, let’s add salt after all」
「Not allowed, there won’t be enough until the next distribution」

The food in this village is all stored in the Mayor’s warehouse, it is distributed from there to each home. When the village had been receiving support supplies from the Empire, it was the easiest type of way for distribution. I have to re-examine this someday.

「Then in the next distribution of rations, we as people with distinguished merit could ask to receive little extra」
「Such a thing isn’t really liked. We are eating enough to be full, somebody in the village will have to endure a smaller amount. In that mood, It is not possible to eat it deliciously」
「Lucie is such a child」

I smiled. A child who is thoroughly honest and gentle. Because it is the polar opposite of me, I guess this is why I am so charmed.

「Thank you for the delicious meal. This afternoon I will be going out to the field again, but what will Syril do?」
「Soon I intend to do full scale weapons production」
「What kind of weapon is planned to be manufactured?」
「It is the Bow」

Upon hearing it, Lucie’s eyes stared out in wonder.
And she began to speak forcefully.

「That is impossible! Even Syril’s father pulling the longbow couldn’t penetrate their armor!Every kind of strong bow, should not penetrate the armor. Let’s find another way」

The thing Lucie says is not wrong.
The large bow that my father the village’s best Archery Master used had an length of 160 cm……the Long Bow was used.
The Long Bow had power corresponding to its size. The Bow Strength(The Force necessary to pull) was as much as 45 kg.
The general bow strength of the bows used in Heisei Era Japan for competitions is 15 kg, it has three times the strength.

The bow force of 45 kg is the maximum strength of a bow in the practical range which could be pulled by one hand.
And that even for Father the limit that the arrow could penetrate was the shoddy armor worn by underling soldiers, the armor worn by the Captains could not be penetrated.
Five years have passed since then, the Imperial Steel manufacturing technology has further developed and that it wont penetrate even those of the underling soldiers.

「Nevertheless, it would be useless if it isn’t a bow. Don’t worry. I have properly thought it through. I won’t say something that can’t be done」
「Syril, May I believe in you?」
「Only to Lucie that I will not tell lies, a positive effort is being made shine」
「The speech now instantly made the feeling of believing lost……」

Lucie wryly smiles and heaves a sigh.
And yet the eyes seem to laugh. Even I would have trouble believing me.

「If Lucie is smiling as usual, it would be good. That is the thing I earnestly produced to eaten」

I pointed to cranberry prepared on a small dish.
Yesterday, I entered the mountains after preaching to Lucie, unless a considerable amount was taken it would be useless.
It is the best medicine for Lucie’s mild vitamin deficiency.

「Is it really bad if I do not eat this?」
「It would be bad. Though Lucie is not aware of it, it is an illness. You must properly take in vitamins. That is right, this is Lucie’s remaining punishment. If I am not mistaken, do you not say you had one remaining? Then, let’s make it this. You absolutely cannot leave without eating what is on the plate」
「……Because this is for me, it is not a punishment. Please do it at a different opportunity. Because, I will properly eat it. Ugh, Suppaai」

Fully twisting her face, Lucie lets out a cry.
Because I everyday said to eat the intensely sour things, a quite weak consciousness was made to it.

「If it were was sugar and it were diluted with water it would make juice, however it should also be easy to make a jam to consume.」
「It’s okay. Sugar is the taste of nobles」
「Because Lucie is my princess, you can certainly expect to be spoiled」
「……I the princess, pray that the Prince is not taken away. So therefore hurry up and create some piece of mind. Because I will do everything I can do」

At that last word, Lucie returned to working in the fields.

「That reminds me, is the 【Doutai Shiryoku Kyouka】[Kinetic Vision Reinforcement] magic functioning properly?」
「Yes, perfectly. A black sphere floats above the head, sometimes the eyes chases it」
「That is really good. Well then have a nice day」
「Off I go」

Something that flashy can’t be done while working in the fields, after returning to the village three times in a day, muscle reinforcement and kinetic vision reinforcement is continued. Daily accumulation is important.
Moreover once it is night, the flexibility of the two people can be used take advantage of the soft body.
The greatest pleasure, Lucie’s nice-smelling tender body can be legally touched by me in that time.

With the current time taken now, the degree so far is limited, but with winter coming the field work will disappear, and little by little Lucie will be taught magic.
While thinking of such things, Lucie was seen off waving her hand.

I departed outside from the village, heading towards a blind spot from the village just below some small hill.
Carrying as much timber as possible now.
When I arrived at the destination, the armor and swords I left there when I sneaked away from a suspecting Lucie yesterday were as I left it.

「Excellent. I would have no choice but to laugh if everything was taken」

A monologue was unconsciously let out.
I will now produce weapons from the swords and armor as material.
The Fire and Earth Magic Attributes are essential, Syril’s aptitude is that of an Elf’s, it is not possible to have satisfactory control.

Thus, it is necessary to call the Past Self that had Fire and Earth as their Fortitude. It was necessary to prepare the materials first.
If Deet were summoned today to use 【Item Box】, it would be another 12 hours before 【Rinne Kaiki】 could be used again, a whole day would have been wasted.

「Release, my soul. Trace back the Time of the Path once taken, Here and Now」

The Aria of 【Rinne Kaiki】 was chanted.
Today, I am calling upon……

「My desire is, in a World of Steel and Scorching Hot Iron, I who is a Blacksmith Master that has been tempered thoroughly to be the best above all, That name is……」

At that era, I was in a world where Alchemy developed strangely.
That place perpetually, was a world decorated with Flames, Smoke, and Iron.
In that world, I was born to a race that is extremely familiar with metal and continued to polish one’s skills throughout the entire lifetime.
The name of that time……

「Kuīro! 【Rinne Kaiki】!」

The whole body was wrapped in light simultaneously with that word.
And now from the mouth a long beard grows until it stretches to about 180 cm in stature, the physique changes to a massive and bulky one.
The clothes are made from a Demon-Beast Hide that has Heat resistance property, superb work clothes. And then in a hand, Custom-made Hammer made by gathered quintessence of Alchemy.
So, I who was born as a Dwarf, in the form of Kuīro.

「Unlike Deet with no inherent magic, originally a magical power not that far from many times mine, could I now completely reproduce the abilities of Kuīro. The time limit seems to be within the margin」

The time limit is 122 minutes.
Furthermore based on 64 souls of people consumed by Deet’s 【Tamashii Kui】, it suggests good fuel consumption for Kuīro.

Deet, always magically digitizing damage, 【Tamashii Kui】 consumes the souls of slain opponents, and powerful physical ability reinforcement to run culminates to bad fuel consumption. Although I forcibly cheated by summoning a lower level and weaker me at the time, there is still a limit.
Still nevertheless, the convenience of 【Tamashii Kui】 and 【Item Box】 is so overwhelming that it ends up frequently used.

However, it is better if compared to the me as a Dragon. When in that form, the present me would run out of strength in 2 seconds. The Dragon me, ”2 seconds would be enough” would be the case for me……。

「Kuīro is good and simple」

Kuīro doesn’t have continuously activated magic.
However, A dwarf’s special characteristic is being loved by minerals, and the fingers become strangely dexterous, above all the rewritten change in Magic Attribute Affinity is huge.

When an Elf

Earth:30 Fire:10 Wind:90 Water:70
The Affinity stated now, since becoming a Dwarf,

Earth:100 Fire:80 Wind:5 Water:5
It has changed into an existence specializing in Earth and Fire.

「Shall it be undertaken at once. The power of Kuīro called up to as the Legendary Blacksmith Master, Let’s freely wield it to one’s heart’s content」

And then, I began to call out to the mana in the earth.
The Reaction in the soil is nice. In this case, It seems that the Strongest Weapon can be made.

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