Status on Elf Tensei

60ish percent so far. Looks like I am on track.

The light novel is also being made and I found this concept art on the author’s site.

I also believe the author is planning Volume 6 to be about Syril’s youngest child and set 30 years later or that story to be part of some extra chapter. I skimmed that Q&A. That part is located here. It seems that the author is planning on expanding the Universe of Elf Tensei. I will go right ahead and call dibbs on translating anything related to that universe that is web novel format.

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6 Responses to Status on Elf Tensei

  1. R ~ says:

    Oh nice, I missed that since I have’t been stalking his blog recently. Hardly noticed Syril’s ears there. Lucie looks older too compared to her earlier artwork (w/c is good).

    Interesting news on what his plotting for the story. Though would it still be “Elf Reincarnation” if it changes protagonist? Or maybe the child would be a reincarnated person too?

    Aah, guess we gotta’ wait. Oh! There also a new chapter just uploaded!


  2. prairieeagle says:

    Wow, the characters look better than the ones I thought of in my head.


  3. SigFig says:

    Niiice. Does he have only one wife?


  4. David says:

    Waah, beautifully done, that art. It does remind me of a 14 y/o guy & girl.
    I’m a bit used to characters always being either too loli or too developed, this is refreshing!


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