Volume 01 – Episode 06: Raid

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Episode 06: Raid

As soon as I get up, I loaded yesterday’s deer meat into the carriage and departed. Not only is the meat surplus food, it can also become heavy winter clothing by tanning the hide.
The fur is valuable in the Elf Village’s Subarctic climate.
After an approximately four hour run, the supply base that was 10 km away was reached, since the horses were at their limit I got out of the carriage, and then instructed Lucie to hide the horses and carriage at the nearby forest.

「Syril, never ever die okay.」
「Of course, I wont forget to properly bring back a souvenir too」

I must take back enough food for the village to survive winter at all costs.

「Come over here for a little bit.」

I approached Lucie who was leading the horse while because Lucie was walking while shy.
Then, Lucie slightly bends her waist, and her lips were pressed against my cheek.

「It is a charm for you to safely come back.」

It was said very briefly and Lucie quickly averted her eyes.
Ears a little longer than a human’s, skin is partly white as well, it would easily seen when it turns red, the expression is quickly done away with.
I would be embarrassed too.

「When I come back, I will ask for a kiss on the lips. Because then I will be encouraged to work hard.」

The shy Lucie is very cute, so I tease her for a bit.
And, as for me, I stepped forward in the opposite direction of Lucie in order to to fulfill my task.

「Wait, Syril, I, haven’t given an answer yet!」

From behind, I hear Lucie’s panicked voice.
I stopped and looked back.

「Prepare yourself because the tongue will be used」

Lucie is overheating from receiving my final attack.
Eyes swimming, face bright red, as smoke seems to come out from the head and blowing the top.
Only a little bit, I laughed out loud.
And then I started to walk again.

「Syril, errr well, um, so, uu……if you return safely then」

From behind, a voice that muttered in a whisper was heard, and the footsteps of the horse fading away. Without turning around to look back this time, I waved my hand.
It is because thoughts will be shaken when I turn around this time.
After a while, it became impossible to sense Lucie’s presence.

「I cannot afford to die.」

If I die without knowing of Lucie’s lips, as for that, it would be a mortifying regret worth about ten lifetimes.

「Therefore, Let’s go in seriously」

Internal Magical Power Odo is substantial.
With proper nourishment, the rest I obtained in the carriage was more than enough. Above all, the promise with Lucie gave strength to me.
At the same time as stepping forward by one step I strengthened the muscles, by collecting the wind mana a gust of wind is created and the body is placed on the wind.
I advanced forward about 5 meters with each step I took.
It is repeated with 2 steps and then 3 steps with that point.

With a minimal consumption of magic, it boasts a speed of 80 km/h, high speed running spell. Even if the Maryoku [Magical Power] efficiency is ignored, the speed is still raised.
While running, I checked the state of my body.

「Is Unique Magic usable」

My unique magic. Summoning of my past.
Ordinary people at most would have the body from its prime summoned at the utmost limit and it is a useless magic. However, I can select from among 30 lives which I have lived up to now.

I was a dragon, I was once a vampire, I was a human that transcended humans [Evolved Super Human], I obtained the body of a machine, the time I was a Maou [Demon King, Demon Lord, Devil], the choices are numerous.

But, the minimal magical power and physical strength to withstand the presence of the summoning is required to perform this.
My body cannot endure the body rewriting depending on who is the past me.

Those that are superior to the present me in combat ability, there are 9 people who were the me from the past. Among them, for now, the ones that can be called upon, are just three. The remaining six people, they cannot be summoned without enough maryoku or physical strength. I will become able to master all of it sooner or later if I train.

I will choose the me that is most suitable for the strategy among those 3 people this time.
That is, the 18th cycle world, when the soul was born in the former world that could only be thought of as within a game.
It is the most convenient, and the me that is most frequently used.

After running for about ten minutes, the supply base has come into a visible position.

「【Chikaku Kakuchou】」[Perception Expansion]

The wind mana and senses merge.
The size of the base: 300 m x 200 m. The gate is iron and is surrounded by stone walls. The building is made by bricks in wood and lime.
There are about 300 humans inside it.
This supply base, it is a barrier, because it is also a fortress to protect the Mainland of the Empire from other groups.

With 【Chikaku Kakuchou】 [Perception Expansion] the enemy soldier positions that were seen, it nearly exactly matched the contents that I extracted from the torturing.
About where the food and weapons are stored, it is unlikely to believe in his story.

「Release, My Soul. The Time of Distant past and path left behind, Now Here」

Unlike attribute magic, Unique magic uses 100% one’s magical power inside the body is consumed to use it so the internal Maryoku Odo is large beyond comparison.
I strongly speak inside of oneself to begin casting.

「My Wish is, the Knight who continued to be Virtuous in the world of vanity, the Name is……」

Former Name. The nostalgic name is sonorously read aloud.

「Deet! 【Rinne Kaiki】[TL:Reincarnation Recursion]!」

The body is wrapped in light.
The Unique Magic 【Rinne Kaiki】[TL: Reincarnation Recursion] is activated.
After the light has subsided, my body is fitted with Steel Armor and a Helmet. And equipped with a Two-Handed Sword I was changed into the appearance of the Knight.
The Unique Magic, unlike general purpose magic, it is a magic that is not reproducible and even if the theory behind it is not understood it can still be used. Even if I can apply the spell formula to myself, I do not understand how such a miracle is possible. It is achieved by tracing the function prepared in my soul.

「A nostalgic body」

The sharp pointed ears that are a feature of elves has been rounded, Both the blue eyes and blonde hair have been dyed black.
The figure was somewhat similar to the soldier of the empire.

「The equipment for a beginner at level 14……is the present Maryoku only able to reproduce this amount. The effect time should be 48 minutes. It is enough」

I examined the state of the body.
I was in the appearance of Deet at level 14.
In the world thought to be a game though it was raised to level 99, but it is not possible to reproduce it there. The Magical Power would dry up in an instant if I called such a thing and with the present amount of magical power it could result in death. Therefore the self with a reasonable amount of time was summoned.

The convenience of Deet is nice in that respect. For the other ones of 【Rinne Kaiki】, the times that are weak don’t exist that much.

「Here I go.」

With a fearless smile I started to run with a broad grin.
At a rate of about 60 km per hour.
Deet has physical ability corresponding to the status of the game era, attack power and defense power is obtained. At level 14 the physical ability is nearly 5 times greater than an ordinary person.
However, it gets depressing since magic control is at the level of an ordinary man, that is a disadvantage that even I can’t fix in this figure.
With the remaining momentum from running, I invaded by kicking down the iron gate.
The heavy iron gate would not normally open without the help of 20 people, if it is my power combined with the speed built up and enhanced physical abilities then penetration would be possible.

「It can’t be, Why an intruder! The Gate!?」

Normally, while you are stranded at the iron gate, the soldiers would ready a bow from the lookout and give a warning with a foolish voice that becomes stiff.
Meanwhile I ran at full speed in the base.

Several seconds later, they finally remembered their job, the bell set up in the lookout is beaten and the sound reverberates. It would be the alarm of this base.

「The Gate was Kicked Down!」
「It’s an Intruder」
「The Numbers?」
「It is only one person」
「Alone, the gate won’t be opened! Give a correct report」

The reinforced body easily picks up the voices of the soldiers.
【Chikaku Kakuchou】 [TL: Perception Expansion] although I wanted to use and combine it, in having become the body of Deet, the affinity with Wind Mana is bad, to begin with control of magic in the first place becomes difficult, because a satisfactory performance is not obtained I give up on it.

「There is no time. I will go to the shortest route!」

When I shouted, I ran straight towards the building that stored the food.
The density of a soldier, I do not think about the risk of being found by enemies. Therefore, I can only charge forward honestly to a fault.

「Hi iii」

By chance a soldier who was in the way, screamed in surprise to my speed.
With a sword I held, I cut the waist of the no-good soldier.
The sword wielded by the strength that was five times that of an adult male easily bisects the soldier.
With this kind of usage, usually the sword would cause its edge to be nicked, and at worst break. However, due to the specifications of the game my beloved sword did not get damaged, rather than damage even the functions were reproduced faithfully, it doesn’t even allow the adhesion of blood.

Form the soldier’s corpse, the particle of blue light is generated and breathed into my body.

「Not bad. The present body has little magical power. I am allowed to supplement it」

One of the reasons why I love Deet is this.
The experience value was obtained from a defeated enemy in the world from the time as Deet to level up.
It is my unique magic, it even reproduces the function of making the souls of enemies I defeated into my own.

Magical Power is the Power of the Soul. Normally it does not become stronger than the qualities that one is born with. If I do special training, it can be inflated but it is not much.
But, Deet’s 【Tamashii Kui】[TL: Soul Eating] would be possible to increase magical power if you strengthen the soul by absorbing the soul of the person that you killed.
Unfortunately, the magical power obtained through this method, it is not possible to carry to the next me unlike knowledge and memory, but the method is useful in easily becoming stronger in any world.

「Two, Three, Four!」

I go off to slay each soldier that stands in the way of the search.
Despite being a fight, it cannot be called as such as it is more of a one-sided massacre.
Because the movement is too quick the soldiers here cannot capture me. But, I plainly made a solider split in two with a single blow even with the armor.

Furthermore, as I kill I become stronger.
The brain is about to burn from the pleasant sensations.
There are two reasons for the actions that stand out to the point where danger is infringed purposely,

The first one, if I move here in a flashy manner, they will not care about the soldier who did not return from the Elf Village. If there is a raid on the supply base that is so devastating to the point of destruction, the problem of a few soldiers not coming back would be trivial. Measures against the assailant will be given priority to.

The second, I am angry. I want to clear the regrets of fellow elves who have been sacrificed until now. Especially Granny who raised Lucie and me. And the one who was so attached to me, Lucie’s younger sister, Rikka. I cannot forgive them murdered by gouging the heart only to obtain the magic stone. In that case, I will, 【Tamashii Kui】[Tl: Soul Devour] all of these guys after baiting and murdering them!

「Hi ii i, What kind of monster is this!」
「Isn’t it impossible to win.」
「Run Away, get away and attack with the bow. If you surround it with shots the monster will not be able to dodge!」

I secretly said the correct answer.
Certainly a siege from all directions would not be avoidable.
The soldiers in the lookout, who a little while ago refrained from shooting in fear of hitting their allies, uniformly pulled out the bows.
The thing about being able to dodge it, though some are cut off by the sword, still some of the rain of arrows pierce me.
Unfortunately one of the arrows hit the eye.
The eyes are one of the vital points that a human cannot reforge.

「Did we do it!」

Someone from where the enemy soldiers were located in front of me said such a thing.
I floated a smile and jumped.

「No we didn’t」

Then, right down the middle, the soul was taken. Directly on the spot, I killed with a rotational cutting involving several nearby people.

「My present body, it is a bit stiff.」
「That, that is impossible, he repelled the arrow that hit the eye!!」
「There can’t be such a creature」
「The Devil, He is the Devil!」

With my body’s Defensive Power it is deflected and beside the hardness, the Defensive Power of the Steel Armor put together with it.
And there isn’t a vital part in Deet by its own special abilities.
Usually no matter how much the body is trained, it would be an instant death if shot through the side of the head, the heart, or the eyes.

But, where ever Deet takes an attack, a bruise is changed into the concept of damage and not even a single scratch will remain. However, Just the fictional figure of HP is reduced. [TLN: Okay that is too over powered]
Although I will die if that disappears, movement will not dull until the last moment of death. There is not pain. I will not tire.
According to an enemy, the presence can only be seen as immortal.
When the other party is weak, Deet is invincible.

A powerful enemy that cannot be opposed only by reinforcement of physical ability as an opponent, HP will become 0 in that moment. Besides, the magic of my biggest weapon exposes a fatal weakness without if being able to be properly used.
Other than a formidable enemy as an opponent, 【Rinne Kaiki】[TL: Reincarnation Recursion] works.

I killed about thirty more following soldiers, and finally arrived at the storehouse that the food was kept at.
I strike the wall with the sword to break it, I enter inside.


I unintentionally raised my voice.
The food was more than expected. Roughly observing it would be around 4 tons of wheat. There are also some interesting things. Potatoes and Beans which are grains not grown in the Elf Village. And Honey wine Mead. [TLN: very good stuff. Mead is my favorite next to stouts. I am generally more of a beer or rum drinker than wine. Mead is an exception because I probably don’t like grapes.] I am glad that there is a huge amount of salt above all.
This is a form of control performed by the Empire.

The supply base here seems to be a relay and taxes are squeezed out of many villages.
Moreover, by focusing on one crop per village to increase efficiency, the things necessary for life have to be sent from the Empire periodically.
While increasing the tax to be taken, it is a structure that is not able to cause a revolt because they cannot live without supplies from the empire.
But, therefore it is necessary to have a large stockpile of food.

「【Item Box】」

The food, I can put it in the item box. That is also a skill that can only be used by Deet, it is the biggest reason why I chose Deet today.
Game Period’s weight restriction, the range of 4000, in reality the 1 is 1 kg and by conversion 4 tons can freely be stored. [TLN: 1 metric ton = 1000 kg] The things put in 【Item Box】, I can retrieve from it at any time, and it wont rot since time stops when it is placed in it.

It is a very useful skill with the only restriction is that living things cannot be put inside.

「Now then, I have received the stuff. Shall I go for the weapons afterward.」

Since I was receiving the bow which the soldiers surrounding from behind while carrying approximately 3 tons of food, this time I kicked down the door to the armory.
The soldiers clearly do not bother to carry heavy weapons from the Empire to the field.
When finishing setting out of the Empire with the minimal food and weapons, afterwards they must replenish at the supply base to go to the remove village, the weapons must be considerably prepared too.

After using 【Rinne Kaiki】[TL: Reincarnation Recursion], another 30 minutes have already passed. I will be back to the original in another 18 minutes.
Then death will await if that happens. I cannot escape from here with the body of the present Syril.

I cut down the enemies and go through the passage while dashing, and at last, I find the locked weapons depot and entered by kicking the door open.

「So much Iron Weapons! As expected of the Empire」

Even for underling soldiers, despite being inferior, there were expectations because they were equipped with iron armor, thus a voice of admiration leaks when I look at the 50 pairs of armor and swords arranged in the armory. Even if one set is about 30 kg I can take 30 pairs.
There is so much that can be done even if only the metal is obtained. It is also possible to do so with weapons, it will become the foundation for improving one’s standard of living.

「Now then, do I lighten the load in front.」

It had been housed in the item box, I removed the corpses of the soldiers that struck the village, and I mix them with the bodies of the soldiers whom I slaughtered on the way.
Although the hope is thin, it would be great if they were misled to have died in the present raid.
However, it is a shame that the traces of torture on the Captain’s corpse were too severe to be brought.

「Now that I have gotten the goods I should return.」

Today, 3 tons of food and 1 ton of iron was obtained.
If there is nearly 3 tons of food, it will be one month of food for 200 villagers. The stockpile of the village, and if I collect food by hunting in the winter, we can tightly survive winter. There were also interesting crops inside what I stole today, I can have it harvested within 3 months from now depending on an invention.
1 ton of iron, other than to make a weapon that will penetrate armor, reinforcement of wooden farming tools used in the village, some convenient barbed wire, an apparatus to effectively utilize the maple in the forest, I must use it carefully because I have a variety of important uses that will pile up.

「I have to brace myself.」

As I say so, I kicked down a wall and dashed out, while receiving a barrage from bows I slashed at and killed tens of people and appeared outside the gate.
I hear footsteps from the horses from behind but it is useless.
The present me is faster than a horse.

However, I still run at full power. Deet has little less than four more minutes left. Consumption is more intense than I thought.
When I thought of Lucie’s smile, I became full of energy if only for a little.

Not Yet. I cannot die without touching those lips.
The body is wrapped in light. Black Hair ・ Eyes change to Blonde Hair ・Blue Eyes, and the armor disappears.
From Deet, I return to being Syril.
Simultaneously the whole body is seized by a terrible weariness. It is evidence that the Maryoku has been exhausted. Additionally, it is the coming of the recoil of 【Rinne Kaiki】[TL: Reincarnation Recursion]
The soul is creaking. I came close to letting out a scream.

「Good grief, not quite, the usability is a bad. But, it is fortunate that the pursuers will be completely scattered by the time the limit was reached」

【Rinne Kaiki】 takes up completely all of the magical power. Moreover after using it once, I cannot use it again for 12 hours at minimum.
Even if I try to deceive it with sorcery, with the might of the past me, I am still presently Syril. When a mismatch happens on the soul then the body will strain as a result, creating a load on both sides This magic is a double edged sword that can damage my own existence.
Supposedly if there is continuous use. In addition to that, in the worst case scenario of calling oneself more than once, it wont end with just dying, it may possibly damage the soul o the point that reincarnation is no longer possible.

「【Chikaku Kakuchou】[TL: Perception Expansion]」

Wind Magic of the Elves, It is the magic that I have hardly practiced, because of the wind mana even the present me can use it.
I catch the figure of Lucie.
I step forward with heavy feet one sure step at a time towards over there.
The time that passed seems to have been an eternity, and then at last I arrived at the carriage where Lucie was waiting for me.
It is 2 hours past midnight. The time everyone is asleep. [TLN: You underestimate my power. I never sleep.]
Yet Lucie was wrapped up in a blanket outside the carriage waiting for me.
A fire is not lit because enemy pursuers could take notice, so it should be considerably cold.

「Syril! You are safe. I am so glad!」

Lucie rushes up and hugs me.
Because of the cold night wind in the forest, Lucie’s body is cold.
But, it still felt warmer than anything else.

「This way, I’m unhurt. I must have worried you.」
「Yes, very much, I was completely worried.」

Lucie presses her face against my chest. The feeling of cold water. Perhaps Lucie is crying.

「It would be impossible for me to die. Other than that, do you not want to ask if the seizure of food went well?」
「Such a thing would be good to know, but as long as Syril is safe.」

Rather than the village, I am glad that she thinks of me to be more important.

「I’m alright. And I have also properly taken the food. Until Lucie gives me a kiss I cannot die.」
「Whaa, Were you serious about that?」
「Yes, Serious. Of course, if Lucie does not want to I wont force it.」

I want to kiss Lucie, but I will lose everything if I am disliked.
I want to be connected with Lucie and her feelings.

「Okay. If it is Syril」

I raised Lucie’s face which had been buried in my chest. Eyes wet with tears and cheeks dyed red.

「Thank you, Lucie」

As I said only a kiss on the lips.
Although there is no sexual feelings behind it, there is still a warmhearted feeling. The feeling of actually living.
The feelings that were cracked has revived.
Lets put off using the tongue this time. It is enough with this feeling now.

「Syril, that was my first kiss. Take proper responsibility」
「With pleasure, my princess.」

The power from my body leaves simultaneously as with the words.

「Syril, are you okay!?」

I leaned against Lucie.
Lucie anxiously asks.

「This is not injury or sickness. However, Maryoku is empty, that is the recoil from the magic I used a little while ago, to be honest I can’t keep conscious any more.」
「Then it, it is not alright after all you are not completely okay!」
「I’ll recover after sleeping. On the contrary I wont recover if I don’t sleep. Because I sleep soundly for about eight hours, I have to be carried and loaded onto the carriage, and covered with a blanket since I do not want to catch a cold 」

Lucie concealed the carriage in the middle of the deep woods, when escaping for the time being, I can feel more piece of mind by going in the opposite direction of the Elf Village for camouflage.

「Wait here without moving until I get up, and if a soldier comes leave me on the carriage and escape. It will be alright if the only person that gets away is Lucie. There is now way a elf can be caught in the forest」

The limit is to that extent.
I let go of consciousness with those words at the end.

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